KeySmart Key Organizer with USB Drive Review

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Today we are going to look at a product that you may not exactly associate with geekiness but it definitely has swagger and also includes some technology that most of our readers are familiar with. So what exactly is the KeySmart? It's a swiss army of key organizers that reduces the ringle and jingle of keys in your pockets, prevents your pockets from getting holes, and also includes additional features like USB thumb drives for us geeks! KeySmart was developed right here in the USA by a guy named Mike Patrick. He funded the project on KickStarter back in 2013 and with 8,900 backers who pledged $329,862 he was able to get KeySmart off the ground and into the pockets of keyringed Americans all over the country. Still to this day, KeySmart is manufactured right here in the United States. We?re going to take a deep look into the KeySmart organizer and find out how well it works, how it looks, and see what the USB drive is made of as well.
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