Intel to release Core 2 Solo ULV for Sub-Note market

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Intel just announced its plan on its Core 2 Solo single-core processors in Q3 2007. Instead of normal edition, the upcoming Core 2 Solo has ULV (Ultra Low-Voltage) edition only, targeting for the Sub-Note market. Regarding with the rumor concerning Merom based Celeron M is a dual core, Intel has also announced it should be a single core. The rumor is busted.

The new Core 2 Solo ULV includes two models: U2200 (1.2 GHz/1MB L2/533MHz) and U2100 (1.06 GHz/1MB L2/533MHz). They are set to replace U1500 and U1400. These two models have very good power consumption at 5W only, and are support for Intel VT, EIST, XD Bit and 64.

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