Google Gooing ... Goone?

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Apparently there are rumours running around web but not confirmed by Google itself that "Google might be running out of space". The article states: "A rumour is spreading like the plague over the infinite paths of the Internet: Google has reached overbooking. The most popular creature in the virtual universe has space problems, or, more precisely, it could have them in the future. In fact, is seems that the most popular search engine in the world is about to reach the limit of its capacity of listed pages: 4,294,967,296. A numeric problem that is mainly due to a calculation error." ... contd.

"In Google?s giant database, each link can occupy the space of only 4 bytes. In other words, even though the home page of the system has counted something like three million web pages, it is probable that the engine is about to run out. Or, if they do not change their system of listing links, the Internet will continue to grow and expand behind Google?s back, but the new sites that will be created will be left out while its database will be full of an enormous quantity of obsolete pages that will crowd the pages of search results". Warp2 for full readage. News source: via