Glarity ChatGPT: Summary and Translate AnyPage 4.23.7

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Glarity is an Open Source ChatGPT Summary extension/add-on for YouTube, Google, Twitter, and any web page.

Glarity ChatGPT: Summary and Translate AnyPage 4.23.7

Glarity is a versatile tool that can help you save time by summarizing YouTube videos and web pages or translating text. With ChatGPT, you can easily read and write in your mother tongue.

If you want to get the gist of a long video quickly, you can use Glarity's AI-powered YouTube summarizer. It works best for videos between five and 15 minutes long, allowing you to skim through them much faster than you otherwise would.

Glarity can generate transcripts of YouTube videos, summarize content from various sources like Yahoo! JAPAN News, BBC, PubMed, etc., and provide summaries for social media posts on Twitter and Reddit. It supports 12 languages and can even summarize PDF files.

Furthermore, Glarity offers Mirror Translation/Side-by-Side Translation, a high-quality translation service powered by GPT. It can also help you write quick replies for emails in Gmail with just one sentence.

Glarity provides cross-language summaries to help you summarize videos, searches, PDFs, emails, and web pages effortlessly. It supports free side-by-side translations, email writing assistance, Web Content Q&A, and more.

Glarity ChatGPT: Summary and Translate AnyPage 4.23.7