ForceWare 83.50 for Laptop and Desktop GPUs

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Here's a new set of Forceware Drivers in the shape of 83.50 for Windows 2000/XP! These Drivers come from Asus for their new Mobile laptops Go 7600, Go 7400 and Go 7300. Your going to need a modified .inf file if your card is not listed! Dated 01/12/2006

ForceWare 83.50 - Mirrors @ TweaksRUs - Guru of 3D

Mobilenvidia has modded the ForceWare 83.50 drivers by modding the INFs so they should be usable by all nVidia powered Laptops and Desktops! For a list of Supported nVidia Mobile GPU's check here

Download the OEM laptop INFs use one of these for your laptops make.

Use NVTweak to unleashes hidden function within ForceWare drivers, it enables several new Direct3d and OpenGL configuration tabs, and even more tweaking capability from the nVidia taskbar settings panel like the Overclocking , AGP settings and the Refresh Rate Override tabs.

Please leave your performance results in the comments and tell us all how they work.