Floorp Browser 11.15.0

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Experience the innovation of Floorp, an advanced web browser built on the powerful foundation of Firefox.

Floorp Browser 11.15.0

Experience the innovation of Floorp, an advanced web browser built on the powerful foundation of Firefox. Engineered with a primary emphasis on privacy, Floorp offers unparalleled flexibility to cater to your browsing needs. Elevate your browsing experience with Floorp.

Firefox Look and Feel
Firefox users will find the feel of Floorp very familiar. The buttons and interfaces have remained unchanged, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Firefox already has well-designed and intuitive interfaces. Additionally, since Floorp utilizes the Firefox core, users can use Mozilla's add-on site to install new extensions on their browsers.

Seamless Browsing with Customization Options Available
Floorp aims to offer a seamless browsing experience that functions as expected. However, users have the flexibility to customize its appearance and functionality. For example, if users are not interested in the Tree Style Tab, they can disable it in the settings. Additionally, within the same interface, users can adjust the appearance of their Tab bar by optimizing it for vertical tabs, relocating it to the bottom, or hiding it entirely.

Privacy-related settings are noteworthy, as they allow you to use functions for more secure browsing, such as enabling fingerprinting protections, disabling WebGL and WebRTC, and using recommended privacy extensions for added security.

Floorp takes the best features of Firefox and provides users with a well-organized package. With this browser, you can freely surf the web without worrying about your privacy while still being able to customize the browser to your preferences.

Floorp Features:

Strong Tracking Protection
By default, Floorp includes a robust tracking blocker, protecting users from various malicious trackers lurking on the web. Additionally, it provides fingerprinting protection.

Flexible Layout
Floorp's layout customization is unlimited. Move the tab bar to the bottom of the window, hide the title bar, and more. Create your own Floorp.

Customizable Design
Besides the usual Firefox theme customization, Floorp allows you to switch between five interface designs, including OS-specific themes.

No User Tracking
Floorp doesn't collect personal information or track or sell user data.

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Floorp Browser 11.15.0