Fantom CD v1.2.0 Build 1730 Beta Is Out!

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Fantom CD is a program for reading CDs and running CD programs without a CD by creating a virtual CD-ROM drive on the hard disk using software methods. This emulator allows you to run CD-ROM applications from your hard drive or network server. In your hard drive space, you can establish and access up to 31 different virtual CD-ROM drives. From the moment you use Fantom CD, there is no more need to search CD-ROMs or load CD-ROMs in the drive. There is no need to wait for the CD-ROM drive to run, either. You also do not need to change the CD-ROM to run another application program. You can also use Fantom CD to record the image files to empty CD-R disc.

1. For 2000/NT/XP: Copy [drv_for_nt_2k_xp] copystar.sys to Windows/System32/Drivers.
2. For 9x/ME: copy [drv_for_9x_me] copystar.mpd to Windows/System/drivers. Download the new Fantom CD v1.2.0 Build 1730 Beta