DivX Pro 5.0.4 Schizo Beta 3

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The DivX Schizo beta release is a bug fix release for DivX 5.0.3 and includes the first version of the EKG (Electrokompressiongraph) application, a new gadget from the R&D labs of DARC. The EKG enables an advanced video compressionist to reallocate data to specific scenes within a video clip. Read more to get the full list of changes and fixes.

What's New in DivX Schizo Beta 3:

What's Fixed in DivX

1 Pass and Nth Pass? undersized file should be fixed. Certain dark sequences would produce a long period of frames using a Quantizer of 31. Psychovisual Enhancement field sometimes displayed "Custom" instead of Light when unselected. "Do not prompt with errors and warnings" would select itself when random characters were entered in the CLI after the "-key" option.

When "-d 3" option was entered in the CLI field, "Source interlace" became blank. Max bitrate would not update at times. DirectShow decoder postprocessing slider became disabled with ATI radeon 9700 Graphics card. DirectShow decoder would "fast forward" when seeking backwards. This could cause synch issues when re-encoding DivX Files using the DivX Decoder Filter. What's Fixed in EKG Windows 98 OS would give an Error when EKG was exited. Clicking on FFwd (Rewind)/Left End (Right End) in "Actual Size" preview window switches the screen to Main window. Seeking for EKG was horribly slow. Updated the DivX Decoder to enable more efficent seeking. Clicking on FFwd (Rewind)/Left End (Right End) in "Actual Size" preview window would switch the screen to Main window. Moving "Legend" icon would create brown colored patches. EKG would not warn the user when electing a log file that does not match the video file. Garbled (noisy and slow ..) audio heard during the seeking of preview video. Seeking to the request frame from the previous keyframe upon pressing "previous frame" button on the EKG. "Seeking" to a previous frame" button was disabled upon pressing "seek to first frame". "Seek to next frame" button was disabled upon pressing "seek to last frame". Known Issues A Frame selected for editing and the respective displayed scene video preview may be offset by a single frame. Download Homepage