Diskeeper 2007 for Vista Released !

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Diskeeper is a disk defragmenter for Microsoft Windows. Diskeeper 2007 represents a quantum leap in system performance, enabling you to run your computer at the height of its potential, 100% of the time, and for the life of your systems.

New: The Diskeeper 2007 software for Windows Vista is a free update, for all current Diskeeper 2007 customers. If you purchased Diskeeper 2007 or have a valid maintenance contract (i.e. upgrade assurance) to Diskeeper 2007 you qualify for this free update. If you don't run Windows Vista, stay tuned as there will be a Diskeeper update coming very soon (use the Check for Updates feature in Diskeeper) for Windows 2000 and Windows XP/2003 users. In addition, Diskeeper 2007 for Windows XP/2000 has been updated to a new Build 11.0.693.2 Download