DirectX 9.0 Beta 1 Uninstallation In Windows XP & .NET Possible!

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I saw this @ xTechnet and this is what they said:
Excellent news guys! GxV, a user @ #betas, has custom-created a package for uninstalling DirectX 9.0 on Windows XP and .NET platforms. This is nice because now we have a DirectX 9 uninstallation package for Windows 2000, XP, and .NET. It's gets better folks. GxV also has registry scripts to enable and disable DX8.1 detection. What this does it fool Windows (which in turn fools applications) into thinking DirectX 8.1 is still installed, eliminating any compatibility issues one may have. Whoo hoo! Click on Read More... for a link to download links.

Go here for the download links.