DirectX 9 End-User (Beta 1) Download!

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Microsoft(R) DirectX (R) 9.0 SDK (Thanks Voodoo from Neowin for sending me the file!)

This is the Beta 1 Release of Microsoft's DirectX 9.0 Software Development Kit (SDK). It contains all DirectX software required to create DirectX 9.0 compliant applications.

Major components include: DirectX 9.0 system components (runtimes); DirectX 9.0 Application Programming Interface (API) Documentation for each of the DirectX core areas (written for C++, C#, or Visual Basic developers); DirectX 9.0 headers & libraries; Sample applications and source code; miscellaneous tools and utilities.

After installing, those new to DirectX should start with the DirectX 9.0 documentation. More seasoned developers may also want to view the "WHAT'S NEW" section. Professional DirectX developers should refer to the "KNOWN ISSUES" section prior to raising concerns.

Download Exclusive: DirectX 9 End-user (beta 1) Win98/Me/W2K/XP [29.3mb] @