Calibre 6.6.0

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Calibre is an all-in-one Open Source tool for managing and viewing all of your electronic books easily.

Calibre is an all-in-one Open Source tool for easily managing and viewing all of your electronic books.

It will allow you to conveniently organize all your e-books within the library by their metadata (data that provide information about other data) from sources such as online booksellers, the Internet Archive, Munsey's, and, for example. And you can also search the library by using other fields, such as author, title, or keyword, making it fast and easy to quickly retrieve the content you want when you want it. And if that isn't enough to find what you want, you can create advanced search queries by simply using the advanced search option for a more personalized view.

Calibre supports an array of formats, including Kindle MOBI and EPUB. You will be able to sync up your e-books via other e-book readers and perform conversions from the varied e-book and non-e-book formats. All e-books can be easily imported into Calibre's library, which can be accessed remotely through your web browser.

Calibre does more than just ready-to-read e-books - if you are a news junkie and like to stay up-to-date on current events and news, you can easily set up Calibre to automatically collect current content from specific websites or RSS feeds and then format it into an e-book that can then be uploaded to one of your connected devices.