BrowserAutoFillView 1.00

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BrowserAutoFillView is a tool for displaying the text previously entered in form fields on Chrome and Firefox-based browsers for Windows.

When you fill out a form on your web browser, it saves the information you entered in a database. This feature, called 'AutoFill,' allows you to fill out the same information quickly and easily again in the future.

BrowserAutoFillView is a tool that can automatically detect and scan the AutoFill data in popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave, Pale Moon, SeaMonkey, Waterfox, and Vivaldi.

If your web browser is not on the list but is based on Chrome or Firefox, you can still try to load its AutoFill list. Select the 'Load autofill data from the specified Web browser profile folders' option in the 'Advanced Options' window and enter the profile folder of your web browser.

When you use BrowserAutoFillView, you can see important information about each form text entry, such as its Name, Value, Created Time, Last Used Time, Count, Web browser, and Profile Path.

BrowserAutoFillView also allows you to export the autofill list to a CSV/tab-delimited/HTML/XML file. You can copy the autofill entries to your clipboard and paste them into a spreadsheet app like Excel.

BrowserAutoFillView can also be used via the Command Line. The options are available here.