Anvil Studio 2015.04.01

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Designed for people who want to compose or record music with audio equipment, print sheet music and more.

Anvil Studio is a free program designed for people who want to record music with MIDI and Audio equipment, compose music for MIDI and Audio equipment, print sheet music from standard MIDI files, sequence music with MIDI equipment, and play with music using a computer.Features:Editors: Staff, Lyrics, Piano Roll, Percussions, Loops, Audio, Events.File formats: standard .MID and .WAV files.Includes extensive integrated help.Enter notes from external MIDI device, on-screen guitar fret board, on-screen piano keyboard, or by dragging notes to the staff.Percussion editor employs standard percussion notation.Copy and paste between 2 song files by starting two copies of Anvil Studio with different songs loaded.Align notes with beats and measures.Stretch / compress notes over time.Compensation for MIDI and Audio device latency and working with low-latency ASIO and Virtual Instruments.Per-track On/Mute/Solo, device, instrument, channel, fader, pan, and effects controls.Shows up to 25 tracks of information displayed at the same time.Much, much more.