Antec True Power 750 Power Supply Review

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Hi Tech Legion posted a review on the Antec True Power 750 Power Supply

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PSUs come in all different capacities making each of them matched ideally to different systems. A lower wattage consumer PSU, such as a 450, is good for mild builds, such as a basic home PC or even an HTPC, that don't require as much electricity to function. Higher end gaming and enthusiast builds require much more to function properly and need a power supply that can supply 700 or more watts and be SLI or CrossFireX ready, to handle two or more graphics cards.The Antec True Power 750 answers the needs of many higher end systems. The Antec True Power 750 is 80 bronze certified and SLI ready, providing full 750 watts of power. The higher demands of a gaming system or workstation utilizing high power graphics and, in many cases, multiple graphics cards, should easily be handled by a 750 watt with these kinds of features.

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