AMD FX-8370 and FX-8370e Review

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HiTech Legion tried the AMD FX-8370 and FX-8370e A quote from the article:
The auto industry is something that seems to go through this endless cycle of refreshing car designs. Most years you don't see any changes in the body styles of the vehicles but there are some minor tweaks made to the interior or the features that the car has available. At some point there comes a time when they have to make major changes though and make a brand new body style to entice people to purchase a vehicle. Maybe the new designs are futuristic looking and sleek, or maybe they are just efficient so that the gas mileage is improved. Regardless, everyone likes something that is shiny and new.

In a sense the computer industry goes through these same type of cycles. Components get more powerful but also tend to get smaller. Once a certain point is reached with the reduction of size a bigger bump in performance can be made by increasing the size of the components again. This is within reason of course, I don't see us going back to the days of vacuum tubes, where one computer could take up an entire room. Those of us who are into computers are similar to the car buyer to the point that we always want the newest technology. I find myself having to constantly judge if the upgrade is worth it or not, and often it comes down upgrading at every other iteration.
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