A-Z of Classic Games - Part II

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Elite Bastards posted the second part of their A to Z of classic games article series

Quite possibly Andrew Braybrook's finest creation, Paradroid throws you into a spaceship full of droids who require a good sorting out. It is your job to clear every level of the ship by either destroying droids entirely or by seizing control of their circuits and taking control of them. Each droid is depicted by a number. The higher the droid, the harder it is to destroy or take over. Some droids are equipped with weapons more powerful than yours, so it is a good idea to try and take over one of these types of droid. Detailed information on all robots lower than the type you currently control can be accessed by logging onto one of the data terminals on the deck. Once a deck is cleared, the lights will dim to signify that there are no droids left.

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