Article: A Guide to a Successful Review Site

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Hardware Pacers has posted an article on A Guide to a Successful Review Site. Here is a snippet:

"So now it is time to choose a name. In true nature, the name will not really matter if it is popular, however in the beginning it might be criticized. Such as my site Hardware Pacers, I mean by the time I finish spelling out my site name, P … A … C … A, no … E …wait uhhh. For example, let us look at two Gods, Tomshardware and Anandtech, they are very simple site names and they came after their personal names. These names are very common and words such as ‘hardware’ and ‘tech’ are also very common. If there is any possibility that your name rhymes with keyboards like ‘tech’ or ‘hardware’, then just do it."


"In my experience, I was screwed up about 10 times. These kiddies who design do not care what so ever if they are offered only like $300-400 for a design. These kiddies will prioritize their designs from the highest payers to the lowest. The customer could be waiting 6 months and guess what happens after 6 months? The designer has other customers who are offering $1000."

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