New Design For Onlineshop Online

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After some heavy and busy days we are now proud to announce our new design for our onlineshop.
Also we added some improvements to make to shop more comfortable to use.
After I posted the beta-design in our forums, I received lot's of messages that people would like to see Warp2Search in a similar style.
Well, let's see what christmas brings to you ;-) If you want to take a look (and maybe purchase one or two items ;-) head over here.

Which Design Should We Choose?

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Dear Visitors,
we have created two new designs for our onlinestore at but we are not sure which one to choose. If you have a bit time, please take a look and leave your vote and comment which one you like more. You can view the both design over here in our forums.
Please don't forget to vote.

Thank you very much.

New PSU Available In Our Onlinestore !

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Warp2Search Advertisement

In our review about the Lian LI PC6089a Case we made a picture of the back of the case and on the pic there was an aluminium psu visable and we received lot´s of emails from people who are interested in them.

I only want to inform you that we have the PSUs now available in our onlineshop and for a very fair price.
We have two different power supplies with 350 or 400 Watt and in blue or silver available.
We deliver in all EU states, for people who are interested in one of these PSU outsite the EU drop us a line, we can make you an offer.

Take a look at these PSU´s over HERE

Warp2Search Buyers Club, Hercules Radeon 9700 !

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Today I phoned with Hercules and they will offer us a nice price for the Hercules Radeon 9700 Card. We need a lot of buyers for the best price, for the first pice inquire please leave a comment in our forums over here:
here I will count the post and start inquiry at hercules after 2 days.
Also you will find some rules and terms in the forum topic, I am on it to setup a system for the buy.
So let me know if you you are interested in purchasing one or more cards.

New Shop Launched !

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Dear Visitors,
after a few weeks of hard work we are now ready with our new onlineshop.
We have improved the system, the complete design and we have added some new articles with some nice prices.
Also we have a special for the Warp2Search Visitors. All registered visitors will get 10 % discount of all products.
What to do to get the discount ?
Well, it s easy. Order something and after you ordered, fire a mail with your Warp2Search Username and from the email account you registered with to Take a look at Also if you find any bugs or errors, please leave a comment.

Warp2Search Buyers Club

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Ok, here comes the poll you suggested in our forums about the Warp2Search Buyers Club. I was very surprised that we received this heavy response about the idea to open up a Warp2Search buyers club and so we thinking about it to let it come true. As you know that we have a Onlineshop and with this platform we have a chance to realize the club. If you don´t know what I am talking about, here is the link to the article. We have to think about it how it can work and how to realize it and we can not make it in a couple of days, it needs some days to plan it, so please post all your suggestions, ideas, oppinions in our forum topic over here

Kingwin KT-436B Aluminum Case Review

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Own Ads While surfing the web I found a review of the Kingwin KT-436B Aluminum Case @ Cluboverclocker. Maybe you remember that we are searching for a branding name for the case in our forums because we sell the case already for Europe in our shop over here. If you want to read this review of the case head over to here. If you want to win the case, help us to find a branding name and post it in our forums over here.

Aluminum Case Naming Contest!

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We now have a special aluminum case giveaway. We're looking for a decent title for our special series aluminum cases. This contest is open until July 30th, 2002. The chosen winner will have the choice between one of the two displayed versions. Only registered forum members are valid. The Contest & Rules & More...

Product Announcements!

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We told you a couple of weeks ago that we have opened up our own online store. Today we received some of our special cases and modding accessories and I would like to announce some of them to you. Maybe you are interested to purchase one or two items in our shop. We would be happy if you do. Read More...