8-Core Intel Xeon V8 Sneak Peek

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Back in January at this year's CES show, Intel was giving the press glimpses of a rig in their booth dubbed the V8. It is essentially a dual-socket workstation platform outfitted with a pair of quad-core Xeon processors for a total of eight cores - hence the "V8". The enterprise platform that this box was built around is based on Intel's 5000X chipset, aka Blackford, and it supports up to 32GB of FBDIMM serial memory. HotHardware has a component build-up of a more current Intel V8 machine here, with preliminary benchmarks, pictures and more details on this 8-core dual Xeon powerhouse.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Multiplayer Preview

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It's been a long five-plus years, but GSC Game World's much-delayed first person shooter S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl has finally gone gold. The post-meltdown Chernobyl atmosphere is combined with a little bit of sci-fi to create a slightly odd, yet realistic atmosphere of an urban wasteland where fighting for survival is tantamount. The game will be in stores soon, and I've gotten a chance to try out the game's online versus modes.

ULi M1697 for Athlon 64/x2

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ULi has just released a low-cost single-chip solution for AMD Athlon 64. With HD Audio, SATA2 RAID, and Dual x8 PCIe.

FutureMark's SPMarkJava06

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Today sees the launch of a new mobile phone benchmark from FutureMark, following up on the success of SPMark04. We've taken a look at this new suite of tests, SPMarkJava06, to see what it has to offer.


Windows Vista PDC Videos

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After installing Beta 2 of Microsoft's upcoming operating system, I decided to grab a few videos of the GUI in action. As can be seen by the following videos, Microsoft shows off Windows Vista's graphics engine. Notice how hovering over the minimized windows in the taskbar will bring up a thumbnail view of the window.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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The creators of the original Enemy Territory are at it again. With the support of id, the guys at Splash Damage are working on an online shooter entitled Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which will attempt to engage players in challenging multiplayer combat scenarios.


The Enemies of Serious Sam II

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Serious Sam II, like the last installment, will throw everything and the kitchen sink at you. Sometimes it will be waves of explosive kamikazes. Other times it will be a handful of towering cyberfleshy dudes. Sometimes they'll run on the ground, while other times they'll be death from above. Or below. Who knows? It's this kind of joyful, almost manic unpredictability that charmed us the first time around.


ATI HyperMemory Technology For Graphics

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Today, ATI has released their counter-attack to TurboCache with the release of their HyperMemory Technology. On paper, HyperMemory is similar in design to TurboCache, using a combination of local memory and system memory to offer advanced performance in a business-class card. However of course, ATi is claiming to one-up their competition on all fronts, including price, performance and features.


VIA PT880 Pro, PT894, PT894 Pro Chipset Preview

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Intel has usually dominated the chipset market for a long time. While chipsets from SiS and VIA were always there, Intel?s core logic chipsets were the choice of many Intel preferring enthusiast. If we were to take out Alderwood and Grantsdale out of the picture for the time being, their Springdale and Canterwood chipsets were a new step in performance for the last generation of Intel microprocessors. Intel offered almost all features desired by the enthusiast crowd and with new performance discoveries and features of the Springdale chipset, no other chipset maker could take the crown away from the world?s largest chipmaker in both mainstream and high-end performance segments. In fact, after third party board makers started tweaking the Springdale core logics, they were robust enough to compete against its high-end counterpart. Click here to read the full preview.

Road to Longhorn

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Paul Thurrott has updated his "Roadmap to Longhorn". It´s very interesting to see, what we can expect from Redmond throughout the year.

Road to Longhorn

Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta 1) - A Closer Look @ ExtensionTech.net

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"Microsoft may really have a winner here. Most definitely due to their own previous lackadaisical approach to security issues with Windows, and even more obvious, Internet Explorer. This is one program that should be considered in your arsenal to combat the current epidemic of Spyware that is going around for Windows based Computers. Although this is a public beta, I had no problems with stability on XP Pro SP1 myself. Since the AntiSpyware program was pretty well established and mature before M$ purchasing it, not that much work was done under the hood. Unless you count making it NOT compatible with 9x core Windows as it was previously with Giant. And actually, upon further research, a couple things are missing. Such as Inoculation that would block bad sites from being viewed, and there is no file shredding tool. While that may not be a big deal to some, some people want files destroyed so you can't get them back."

Half-Life 2 Short Preview

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We all know that Half-Life 2 is the most popular game ever for all the first person shooter fans. Million things happend from start till now with the developemt and ofcourse do we all know about the code theft which included sensitive information about the physics engine, sound engine and some more.

Anyway, you see in the above picture that Valve releases the game in DVD format and thats ofcourse necessary with all the eye candy. Half-Life 2 is a sequel on Half-Life but then with improved features like the weapons and ofcourse much better physics.

ATi Radeon 9596XT & NVIDIA GeForce 5657GT

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In dieser News möchte ich ein wenig über die Zukunft auf dem Grafikkartenmarkt eingehen. Darum handelt es sich hier eher um eine Preview, welche natürlich ohne Gewähr hier steht. Nun aber zur Preview.
Als Beispiel hier dienen zwei bald kommende Karten der beiden größten Hersteller. Anhand dieser beiden Karten sieht man, dass die Namensgebung bei ATi, sowie NVIDIA sehr zu wünschen übrig lässt. Aber wie sieht es aus mit den inneren Werten? Hierzu werden die namentlich nächstgelegenen Karten verglichen. Klickt auf 'mehr', um die Details zu erfahren.

VIA's K8T890 chipset

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With a Parsimonious 133 megabytes per second of shared bandwidth, PCI has definitely become the short bus of PC expansion standards. Nearly every other port, slot, and link inside a modern computer is faster than the bus shared by a collection of 16-bit, 33MHz PCI expansion slots and a couple of onboard devices on the typical PC motherboard. A single Serial ATA connection can burst up to 150MB/s, saturating an otherwise-empty PCI bus.

Artic Cooling VGA Silencer 4 @ Driverheaven

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Steve "Chaos" Ruxton has been preparing for a forthcoming review and has decided to give us all a little sneak peak "preview" of the new Artic Cooling VGA Silencer 4.

The VGA Silencer draws cool air from the inside of your computer enclosure and exhausts the warm air out the rear of your case using their DHES - Direct Heat Exhaust system. This feature will not only keep your VPU cooler but it will also lower overall case temperatures. It features a long life ceramic bearing fan that runs at 1100 RPM with 5V or 2200 RPM with 12V of power fed to it.

DH Preview and Exclusive Interview: Catalyst Control Centre

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Driverheaven just posted a preview of Catalyst control centre which also contains an exclusive ATI interview.

"Performance, features, stability and quality, Catalyst 3.8 has them all.
And more importantly it has them all in abundance...
...thats what we said back in October 2003 when ATI released their updated driver to the world. That driver included revolutionary features like Overdrive and VPU Recover. 3.8 could really be classed as the first real result of the Catalyst program which took ATI's drivers from mediocre to world class. Since 3.8 not much has changed on the surface of the driver or control panel, a few tweaks here, some performace increases and bugfixes there however noting out of the ordinary. Today that all changes as ATI release Catalyst 4.9 and Catalyst Control Centre."