3D Printed Mouse Surface

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PyottDesign has released a 3D printed infinitely physically customizable mouse surface for the Logitech M100 mouse

ReputationChanger.com Uses Conventional and Innovative ORM Techniques - LockerGnome

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"This service will help suppress the harmful blog posts, reviews, and other defamatory comments that may have been intentionally or unintentionally introduced into search results. This will improve potential customers’ first impressions of your name or business. The service will repair your reputation by creating truthful, positive and authoritative content that suppresses the negative results. As a result, negative and false information will drop further down Google’s research results, where they’re much less likely to be seen by potential customers and visitors to your website. This is crucial, as SEOmoz research reports that only the top four or five search results to queries actually result in traffic to a website."

BBC News - Robot warriors: Lethal machines coming of age

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Engineers are designing robots that will kill on future battlefields without human intervention - and the ethics are being hotly debated. I've no idea why it would be more ethically correct to be killed by an m4 in a firefight than a MQ-9 Reaper - but I guess that makes good discussion. Who knows maybe we'll get super civilized in 1000 years and settle our differences with Government Sponsor Halo battles.

Robot Back Massager - I'll take 2.

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Ok. I don't know what's cooler - a robot that is a back massagers with a "tickle me" mode built in. Or a mode who's job is it to lay down at CES and get a massage.

REAL homemade Pulse Laser Gun.

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This is what happens when you give a smart German inventor a couple batteries, a laser, some metal and a lot of free time.

10 Epic Ways To Destroy A Snowman

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Thrash Lab took a trip to Tahoe to play in the snow and made this video - "10 Epic Ways To Destroy A Snowman" - shot in slow-motion on the Phantom Miro M320S High-Speed Digital Camera.

Saving Lives in Serenity: Can a Fanboy and Physics Change a Movie?

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There are more than a few of us out here that would love to see the series Firefly brought back (Brown Coats FTW!). However, with the with movie Serenity tying up many of the loose ends that the prematurely canceled series left open, bringing back the series would be difficult ... Unless you have total Ninja math skills.

Bar Refaeli & Danica Patrick Appearing Together in Go Daddy’s “Perfect Match”

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Go Daddy has signed actress and model Bar Refaeli to star with Danica Patrick in one of its two 30-second Super Bowl commercials this year. The question now is how the two women will illustrate the Go Daddy customer story for television’s most-watched event.

“This ad marries Go Daddy’s edgy brand with our reputation for taking care of customers in a way we think will be surprising and, more importantly, entertaining.”
The commercial is titled “Perfect Match,” though details of the ad concept are not being released. This will be Bar Refaeli’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial. Bar is an Israel native and ranks number one on the Maxim Hot 100 list for 2012. She’ll share the screen with Danica, the Go Daddy Girl known for being in more Super Bowl commercials than any celebrity in television history, 12 after this next campaign.

“We think we’re going to make special Super Bowl magic with ‘Perfect Match,’” said Go Daddy Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman. “This ad marries Go Daddy’s edgy brand with our reputation for taking care of customers in a way we think will be surprising and, more importantly, entertaining.”

This is Go Daddy’s ninth consecutive Super Bowl campaign. Over the years, the iconic TV commercials have generated massive media attention for Go Daddy, the world’s top Web hosting and domain name provider serving nearly 11 million customers, many of whom are small business owners looking to leverage the Internet.

Dashcam footage of passenger jet crashes into highway outside Moscow

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“A passenger jet crashed into a highway after making a hard landing at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. At least four people were killed and four critically injured, says the Interior Ministry. Officials believe the cause could be pilot error. Two people were found dead at the scene of the TU-204 jet crash, while a 27-year-old woman died on the way to hospital. Whether the fourth person died at the scene or in the ambulance remains unclear. Those killed are the captain, the co-pilot, the flight engineer and a flight attendant, the Emergencies Ministry declared. Four people taken to Moscow hospitals”

How to Build Your Own Portal Christmas Tree | Kevin James Hunt

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This was inspired by Ryan Kelly's amazing Portal Christmas Tree, which I read about last year on io9.com and agreed that it was, indeed, absolutely genius. So when my roommate told me she was going to toss out her old fake Christmas tree, I convinced her to let me create a Portal Tree of my own, but gave me only five days to do it before she tossed the tree off the balcony.

Radical Rainroom Won't Rain on You

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The RainRoom is an art installation that allows you to walk through a downpour and not get wet, all thanks to 3D tracking cameras....

Back on Track

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As you probably noticed, we had some difficulties with the news during this month. The good news is these issues have been solved already, and Warp2Search is back on track with more news then ever. If you have any news submission, you can submit it from 'Submit News' in the main menu [Unless it's Viagra spam, we already have enough of it at this moment]. Anyhow, I?d like to mention that we are planning a massive site's update in the future to improve the site features and design.


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Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I'm wrathofgod, a new software editor here on Warp2search. I've always been a bit of a software nut and love to try out new software, so I should fit the position pretty well. :)

If you know of any software updates or releases that you feel everyone must know about, please feel free to email me at wrath.ofgod76@gmail.com anytime. Please be sure to include a source link in the email and any additional information you may want to add.

Happy to be here and thanks.

Babes of Cebit 2006

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Enough dry hardware and software postes, it s time for the the sexy site of IT News.
PCGames hardware.de has collected the 20th hottest babes of the Cebit 2006. If you want have a look click here
if not clickhere

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas and a happy New-Year to all of you guys from me.
Though I've been busy the last few weeks i'm now going on holidays and you should do the same (get offline for once) ;)

Coming new year I'm starting in a new job and moving, so I'll most likely be scarce around here, but hopefully it's gonna calm down a bit when I get intarweb in my new appartment.

So have a good one all of you, and cya around. :)

StarShipOne Won the X-Prize

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SpaceShipOne and Mojave Aerospace Ventures, LLC. team reaches over 360,000 feet to win the $10 million ANSARI X PRIZE. The threshold of space is 328,000. Brian Binney, who piloted the flight was released from it's mothership White Knight at 50,000 feet early this morning. Binney continued into space breaking the August 22, 1963 record by Joseph A. Walker who flew the X-15 to an unofficial world altitude record of 354,200 feet.

20 000 News published

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Just wanted to drop a short line that we allready have published 20.000 daily news items on Warp2Search mainpage.
Not counted are reviews, guides and other things we published. More to come :)

Modding Mania Giveaway

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We(www.cooltechzone.com) are holding yet another contest to appreciate our new members as well as our regulars. We will give five prizes to the winner and all you have to do is join and make some decent posts. :)

Summer Giveaway!

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Cooltechzone.com is having another giveaway.
"We will be choosing three lucky winners this time. All you have to do is join our forums and have minimum of 5 posts."

Summer Giveaway!

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cooltechzone.com are having another contest for their readers.

Win a Plextor 712A 12X DVD Burner

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Flexbeta.net is holding another contest where this time the winner will recieve a Plextor 712A 12X DVD Burner valued at $209US. The contest consist of submitting a computer related article; if your article is published, you will still be awarded a prize regardless if you don't win the grand prize Plextor DVD burner.