Acer launches new notebooks

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Acer, Taiwan based notebook maker, launched its two new notebooks - Aspire 1800 and TravelMate 3200.

Asus AMD64 L5800DF

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Some information regarding Asus new AMD64 based notebook has emerged. As it seems it's only available in germany at the moment and will come out in march.
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Alienware Area51-m @ DriverHeaven

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Alienware are a company that are synonymous with quality systems aimed at the gamer who wants the best system money can buy. As well as the excellent desktops that Alienware produce they also make a several high performance laptop models which come equipped with components that most desktop users would love, Pentium 4 processor up to 3.2Ghz, DDR3200 ram, ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 pro graphics. Alienware also provide a real enthusiast feature which allows the laptops graphics card to be upgraded. Sounds too good to be true really! Todays review will compare the Alienware system against a Pentium 4/9600XT based system to see just how good the Alienware is.

Wi-Fi Sniffer

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Wi-Fi Sniffer, WFS-1, detects Wi-Fi availability by the press of a button. No longer do you have to boot up your laptop or walk around with your laptop turned on, hence reducing the risk of hard drive crashes. Pressing the button on the Wi-Fi Sniffer will tell you whether access is available.

The Flip-Pad Voyager - Foldable Laptop From Xentex

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The Flip-Pad Voyager - The next step in the evolution of the computer. The revolutionary quad - fold design is the ultimate convergence of the latopand desktop. The Flip-Paf's unique dual portrait displays and vast workspace combine in a portable folding form factor. This architecture allows for faster, easier multitasking, exchange information better ( rotating screen for interactive presentations), and actually enjoy our work (comfortable, stylish design). News Source- Madville