Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 VGA Cooler Review

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Today we are going to test the new Accelero X2 VGA Cooler from Arctic Cooling. We will find out how the first GPU cooler with heat pipes technology performs. As I previously mentioned this product is intended for the new ATi RADEON X1800 series.

Interview with Ryan Peterson, CEO of OCZ Technology@XtremeResources

Published by Newsfactory 0 are pleased to release an exclusive interview with Ryan Peterson, CEO of OCZ Technology. It's the first interview that Ryan has granted since becoming CEO in July of 2002, and the interview was conducted by our very own Steve"Wxchaser" Carmel.

Pioneer DVR-S806 16x Dual-Layer DVD Writer

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At times it seems that drive speeds are moving along in small steps, inching along just enough so that you feel that your six month old drive is slow and ready for replacement. This is exactly what we have been experiencing in the optical drive market. Occasionally, we find that a simple firmware upgrade is all that is needed to hit the next jump in speed.

Aspire Chameleon 550 Watt PSU Review

Published by Newsfactory 0 has posted a review of the Aspire Chameleon 550 Watt PSU! Here's a snip.

In the above picture, you can see that the power cord "bracket" as well as the "on / off" switch have been constructed of green UV reactive material, fitting in with the overall theme of the power supply. To the upper left of the power switch is the adjustable fan speed controller, which controls the 120mm clear LED fan mounted on the underside of the power supply. Below the fan controller is the 115 / 220 voltage selection switch. To the right of this switch we have another switch with three different color settings. This switch actually controls the LED color of the 120mm fan.

Pentium M and DFI 855gme-mgf Preview

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The French website X86 Secret have thrown up their exclusive look at DFI's Pentium M 855gme-mgf mainboard! Here's a quick translation by Google.

Firstly, this chart is this time at the format Microphone-ATX and can thus function in a standard case. Admittedly the number of port NCV available is divided by two compared to a standard chart ATX, but the functionalities annex are with go. Indeed, this chart is structured around the couple i855GME/6300ESB and not around the traditional couple i855GME/ICH4. The ICH4 being indeed more than growing old and SATA lack, it is a southbridge 6300ESB, used by the waiters and compatible with the i855GME, which was used. This component is in fact a controller ICH5 equipped with a management of the NCV-X. This is why the chart comprises a slot NCV-X.

OCZ PC2 4200 Platinum Edition Rev 2 Review @ Driverheaven

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Thanks to OCZ we are the first to review their new high performing DDR2 which is benching some pretty incredible figures.

OCZ are without a doubt one of the worlds best memory manufacturers, of the many products ive reviewed in the past few years they have all been exemplary. OCZ have been diversifying over the last year, branching out into the power supply market and have even brought to the public a unique ram booster device. When I hear the name "OCZ" the first thing that comes to mind is "quality ram". Today ill be looking at their new 533mhz 4200 Platinum Edition Rev 2 LTD DDR2 8-2-2-3CAS rated modules.

Hitman 3 Contracts Demo

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Eidos has released the demo of Hitman 3: Contracts.

The game explores the dark psychology of killing for a living as the player takes on the role of the world?s deadliest assassin, Agent 47. Hitman: Contracts promises to be the most disturbing and action-packed episode of the series.

Forceware 60.72

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A big thanks to GoogleMaster for the Heads up that a new Nvidia driver is out in the shape of 60.72 for windows 2000/XP! Dated 04/04/2004

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Razer Viper

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GeekExtreme have the yet-unreleased Razer Viper, and optical mouse designed with the gamer in mind. Can an optical mouse unseat the company's own Boomslang line?

ATI All in Wonder Radeon 9200 Multimedia Videocard Review @ TweakNews

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With the successful release of the newest member of the ATI Radeon family, all consumer areas have been covered with a version of the All in Wonder that will fit their budget. As you can see through the benchmarking, this card is not a huge performer while 3D gaming, but, it's not meant to be. But what realistically can you expect from a complete multimedia card that has a tiny pricetag of US$149.

Amazing New ATI - Driverheaven Competition

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So you think your 9800 Pro 256Mb card is the dogs b*llocks, makes all your friends jealous and nothing could be cooler? Well think again! Thanks to Driverheaven you could win yourself one of a selection of never released to the public Radeon cards courtesy of the guys at ATI!


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Just spotted this bit of Info at Driver Heaven.

There has been alot of discussion as to when the new ATI offical driver set will be released. ive spoken to Terry and he has asked me to post this exclusive message to all our board members.

Detonator 50 Drivers Coming? Soon?

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There have been rumours on the net for number of weeks now about whether we will see Detonator 50 and when they will appear, will they be released for Windows 64bit only or will we see them released for all Windows OS?. Nvidia would not confirm or deny anything in public relating to that as one of their current policies is not to talk about rumours or unannounced products or software. That might change if you can believe Derek Perez of Nvidia in the latest DriverHeaven interview. Click on Read More for the full story.

Coming Very Soon

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Definitive proof that Nvidia Detonator 50.xx exist and are well in development with a proof you can examine yourself at your own pleasure whenever you want. Coming very soon... plus does it tell us they are due soon? I'll leave up to you to decide...

The article is up now over here.

New nVidia 45.23 Win2k/XP drivers posted! ( WHQL'ed )

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I've just come across some new nVidia drivers for Windows 2000/XP version 45.23 dated 28th of July 2003. This is a generic multilanguage release and it's the latest driver currently available. It even supports yet to be announced Geforce FX5200SE, 5600SE & 5900SE cards. The advanced compression ensures the driver file is only a 8.10MB download. If you fancy giving this driver a try, click HERE. Leave a comment if you try do it or if you find a mirror.

Windows XP Kernel Update Q821581 (Bootvis 1.3.37) - English & German

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Back on Friday, July 18th we reported that Microsoft had released an updated version of the performance trace visualization tool BootVis. As you may remember this new version resolves a compatibility issue when running on Intel Pentium 4 processors with Hyperthreading technology enabled and an issue when using third-party IDE drivers. To benefit from the new version however users running Intel based Hyperthreading technology setups require a Windows XP kernel hot fix in order to correct a problem with BootVis tracing. It's here now.

SiSoftware To Apply Significant Update To Next Sandra Version

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SiSoftware Sandra (the System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is an information & diagnostic utility. It should provide most of the information (including undocumented) you need to know about your hardware, software and other devices whether hardware or software. The tool is critically acclaimed and used in about every hardware review you'll read in PC IT journalism when CPU's, motherboards or memory sticks are involved. Warp2Search is an enlisted member of the SiSoftware Sandra beta program. Intensive testing on our own machines revealed that Sandra 9.44 and even the latest version Sandra MAX3 deliver inconsistent benchmark results on Intel Pentium 4 Hyperthreading capable CPU's using the CPU Arythmetic Benchmark. We have informed SiSoftware about our findings and continued to work with Adrian Silasi of SiSoftware to get to the bottom of the problem.