Don't Be Evil

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Your remotely stored or created documents may be subject to subpoena without your knowledge.

10 Ways to Tick off Your IT Dept.

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Sit down, this may be shocking: Your company's network bandwidth and storage are finite resources. And the hall monitors for those resources are in your friendly, neighborhood IT department. There are things they like us to do--say, not back up our music on the server--and then there are the things they wish we didn?t know how to do. Here are the top ten things you probably would love to do on your work PC that IT wishes you didn?t know about.

A Letter to AMD?s CEO

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After I heard your speech at the American Antitrust Institute in Washington, D.C., I couldn?t believe my ears so I had to write this down. First of all, I agree that you have some valid complaints about Intel. However, you and your lawyers took it way too far. You?re making it look like Intel is forcing others not to sell you products by placing military troops at your door; which is not true.

Irresponsibly Ripping Apart Windows

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There are some people out there apparently so smart they think they can do things better than programmers at Microsoft. These hacks irresponsibly recommend ripping out components of Windows to make 'lighter' versions with absolutely no clue as to the consequences of their actions. They mislead others and cause untold amounts of headaches for support staff of PC and software vendors.

Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire Overclocking

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We (Kinc) have been trying to get Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire to overclock for quite some time now. We were about to give up after trying practically everything you can imagine, but that's when AMD stepped up and saved the day. Even though the method is still very crude and far from easy to perform, we can now present the first results with an overclocked ASUS Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire configuration.

The Political Hoopla Between Intel and OLPC

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From what I understand, the whole point of OLPC is to create awareness of technology in third world countries and empower the next generation with collaboration and other fun uses of technology and the way it can make an impact in a child?s life. OLPC is a non-profit entity, and I admire its efforts. However, with the recent ongoings between Intel and Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of OLPC, I fail to understand the immature bickering between the two.

CoolTechZone has more

Dell Vista Tablet PC: Why Should I Care?

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As most of you already know, Dell has been off to a rocky start with Microsoft's Vista and has even gone as far as to offer Windows XP to some customers because of Vista related concerns from certain customers. However, the nagging question remains: will Vista ever truly set right with Dell? The answer to this is yes. Unfortunately, its success may not happen with Dell?s existing offerings. That?s because of their recent Linux dealings; they will have to do something truly unique to get Vista back into the positive spotlight.

Why Microsoft Will Never Sue Patent Violators

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Every place you look, someone is going on and on about how Microsoft is planning to litigate everyone who has violated their patents. Well, today I?m going to explain why I don't believe Microsoft will even bother with it, what they ought to do if they were smart and why we have nothing to worry about. Full Story

Pirates Release Fully Cracked Vista Install @ TheINQ

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Discussing pirated software is still fairly taboo within the press, but sometimes a scene release is worthy of note, despite the influx of staunch anti-piracy e-mails that will flood our in-box. Don't forget, we don't support piracy, we're only reporting the news. A widely available release, located at the usual pirate havens, from a scene group entitled 'NoPE' (which doesn't appear to have released much else) has quickly become the most highly sought-after asset of eye-patched, peg-legged, shoulder-mounted-parrot pirate types.

Is Dell Bad for Ubuntu?

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Many people have become excited for Ubuntu's upcoming release on Dell computers, and while it is certainly good news there are a few causes for concern. Very few details have emerged so far so it is not completely clear what impact Dell with have on the thriving Ubuntu community, but questions are coming concerning support, logistics, pricing, and a number of other areas that are affected by the deal. The deal will have an appreciable impact on the future of desktop Linux and its availability from tier one manufacturers so there is a lot at stake.

How Apple Could Kill Microsoft, Dell and HP

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This a relatively old topic, but it had me thinking the other day. Now that Apple?s Boot Camp is a success and works well with Windows, the company is amazingly well positioned to takedown Microsoft, at least in the consumer space. The non-Mac addicts were always worried to leave their trusty old Windows, but there?s nothing to worry about now. You, as Windows users, can experience a brand new platform (and its joys) and use Windows at the same time.

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The Poor State of on Mac

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Have you ever used software that was capable of running on multiple platforms, but after experimenting with the software on multiple platforms, you realized that you only really liked it on one of those platforms? I?ve been there. For example, Microsoft Office is currently so much better on Windows than it is on OS X. Of course, this makes sense considering that Microsoft Office and Windows are developed by the same company, but the point still applies.

OSWeekly has more.

Why Apple Should Acquire AMD

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Let?s face it. AMD is having quite a bit of financial problems in its race against Intel to grab more market share. Although AMD has done well, and I respect them for what they have accomplished considering the sheer difference in size between the top two chip makers, they need to be put out of their misery by a company that can either take AMD out of the Intel vs. AMD race or have enough capital to give it a significant boost.

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The Best and Worst Internet Laws

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Over the past dozen years, the lure of regulating the Internet has proven irresistible to legislators. For example, in the 109th Congress, almost 1,100 introduced bills referenced the word Internet, and hundreds of Internet laws have been passed by Congress and the states. This legislative activity is now large enough to identify some winners and losers. In the spirit of good fun, Eric Goldman offers an opinionated list of personal votes for the best and worst Internet statutes in the United States.

Informit has more.

No Truce in Sight in High-Def DVD War

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In a city built on wagering, the smart money is staying on the sidelines when it comes to the battle between two high-definition DVD formats. The first shots between Blu-ray, backed by a Sony-led consortium, and HD DVD, whose group is led by Toshiba Corp., were fired last year when the formats made their splashy debuts at the International Consumer Electronics Show.......... Read on at Chron Thx to [H].

Psst, Want Vista For Free?

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Oh dear, it looks as if the most feared scenario has already come true for Microsoft Windows Vista. Reports are revealing that pirated copies of Vista are making their way to BitTorrent sites. One report that I located recently stated that there is a copy of Vista floating around with an activation hack included to bypass the new "Vista Anti-piracy" feature. Let the games and the corporate disinformation begin!

Vista and The Chronicles of Security

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It's official; you can indeed run Windows Vista safely enough without the benefit of an antivirus. Well, that?s according to recent comments from Microsoft Co-President Jim Allchin that is. As insane as it seems, the general consensus is that Windows Vista is secure enough that one could allegedly run the OS securely without the need for an antivirus program. It?s an interesting idea, but could it be a flawed one? Let's take a closer look...

The Computer Industry's Whipping Boy: The Lowly Computer Technician Editorial

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PC support companies build their business on the backs of high school and college graduates, the people who get a job just to get by until something better comes along. These people are called hardware technicians; they bare huge responsibility and work for low pay, often for little better than minimum wage. Hardly any of these people take their job seriously and those that do are usually looking to get into a more prestigious field like Network Administration or Security.

Mozilla vs. Debian: A Crazy Dispute

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Other examples, such as the GNOME trademark and Linux's Tux trademark issues, are not required for distribution; however, the same cannot be said for Mozilla. Why is this? Is Mozilla simply being unfair in their requirement? Or instead, are they being proactive considering the heavy connection with Google and the fact that Microsoft is perched, just looking for a soft spot in which to attack.

Vista Patchguard: A Waste of Time?

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For those of you who spend the better part of your free time scouring the latest Vista news, you are likely aware that Vista software is beginning to roll out in full force. One of the most notable software rollouts would have to include the latest applications from Symantec, the Backup Exec 11d and the Antivirus 10.2 Beta for enterprise customers.

Vista: A Disappointment to Gamers

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If you?re a true gamer, then you use Windows, and that?s pretty much the end of the story. The upgradeability, the wide range of titles, and the community certainly are important reasons for equipping yourself with a PC. I?m not even close to being categorized as a gamer, although I used to be.

The ?Real? Secret Behind Windows' Success

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Have you ever wondered why Windows rose from the ashes while other operating systems of yesteryear fell behind and eventually disappeared for good? Money and the distribution of generated revenue, of course. Not just in capital funds to make Microsoft's R&D a reality mind you, but the mindset behind a system of voluntary servitude based on people rushing to what turned out to be a virtual gold rush.

Vista Gaming: Is It Truly Ready?

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As the release date approaches, more and more gamers are expressing their concern over support for their favorite gaming titles in Windows Vista. Many of these same individuals understand that Microsoft's concept of "running" and the gamers' differ drastically. To software developers, it does not crash - fantastic! Those of us in the gaming world, however, have slightly higher expectations...

A Day in the Life of a Vista Developer

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In a previous article on, we looked at concerns that a few of us had with Vista's potential for lax security features. Points were made, and opinions were debated, but in the end, what will be the future of Vista?

Windows Vista: It's More Secure, We Promise

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One of the key advantages with Windows Vista is that it's supposed to be a lot more secure than its predecessor, Windows XP. Well, allow me to take a moment to remind everyone of something that you might not remember - XP was also touted as being ultra secure. Seriously, can anyone honestly look themselves in the mirror and say this is the gospel truth? You have got to be kidding me. Similar to XP, Microsoft promises to have the most secure Windows version to date yet again.

Windows vs. OS X: Stop the Silly Rivalry

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Unlike some people, I'm not a Mac or a PC guy - I'm a Mac and a PC guy. There's room for both options in this world, and there doesn't have to be a bitter rivalry between both sets of users. In fact, I think you're only firing on all creative and productive cylinders if you use both (or all three, if you include Linux).

Why Open Source Matters to Apple

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The open source revolution has shaken the slowly crumbling foundations of closed source software, and while it hasn't taken over completely just yet, the tide is beginning to turn in its favor. Your normal everyday user may not really understand or appreciate what open source means, but that doesn't mean that they're not experiencing the effects of it.

Windows Vista: Doomed In The Corporate World

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Word on the street is that many businesses are simply not interested in Vista. The Seattle PI ran a recent piece that explains how many companies have decided early on that they are not really interested in dealing with the likelihood of a fresh set of Windows Updates.

Technology for Idiots @

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How much common sense do people apply when reading e-mail, chatting on AIM, using MySpace, and talking on the phone and cell phone? Technology is so full of possibility and promise, and it grows more powerful and exciting every day. And every day, there are new dangers, and we hear of new victims?and depending on the scam or virus attack or spoof or vulnerability, there can be thousands of victims. Can they all really be stupid?

Apple: Why Firing Forum Staff Was Wrong

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No matter how confident a company may be about the products and services that they offer, there's just no excuse for thinking that the user experience is going to be perfect. I know you believe in your product, but you have to be able to convince others that you have something worth using, too.

The Ad-Supported Operating System

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In all appearance of an ad-supported operating system is probably not that far off. This article takes a look at some of the finer points behind an OS which is financed with ad views, and more specifically the logic behind a free version of Windows which could make this a reality. There are a few issues which must be resolved first, but with Microsoft refining Windows Live and shifting some of their focus to advertising, many of the pieces seem to be falling into place.

Apple's Legal Department Needs a Spanking

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For any traditional company, keeping trade secrets away from the public is very important. Frank's Pizza isn't going to want Tony's Pizza to figure out how they make their community renowned pizza sauce, are they? When you take that concept to a higher level, you begin to understand why so much work is done by bigger companies to assure that the details of what they're working on and how they do what they do is kept internally, and is as far away as it can be from competitors.

Is Your OS Spying On You?

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Paranoia is becoming more common these days, and if you let yourself be engulfed by it, there's definitely not a shortage of things to be concerned about. We know that the governments have the technology to monitor our lives (wiretapping, satellites, other stuff we have no earthly idea about), but regular users are also using certain tools to invade our privacy. Most people just don't like the idea that Big Brother is watching them wherever they go, and that Big Brother can be anything from one or all of the multiple levels of government, a next door neighbor, or even your actual big brother.

Rahul Sood: AMD + ATi: Part 3

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It?s time that we let innovation prevail and let companies like Nvidia and ATi create products for consumers that work properly out of the box. No more paper launches, no more buggy hardware ? and hopefully no more trying to get to the king of the mountain position by releasing hardware that?s unattainable for most consumers and doesn?t work for enthusiasts either.

The Problems with

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Don't get me wrong is very popular but popularity does not equal intelligent content or even good content. I've heard different people make claims that crowds can make good, intelligent decisions. That is obviously subjective depending on who is actually in the crowd making these decisions.

What the Next-Generation Apple iPod Should Be

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With the stories this week that NVIDIA will be providing the chip for the next-generation iPod, speculation is beginning to build as to what kind of features we'll be seeing from these devices to take the already ubiquitous MP3 player to new heights. Elite Bastards weigh in with their brief thoughts.

Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

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Our reply to an attack on real world testing. Some will have you believe that a canned benchmark or gaming timedemo is a crystal ball into your gaming future.

Jakub's Rant: 'Real-world' Benchmarking

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[H]ardOCP has claimed our Core 2 benchmarks lie to you, that only their real-world GPU bottleneck tests can show real-world CPU performance. We address the issue of "real-world" vs "canned", and go over some of the myths and errors propagated by our friendly rivals, while also going over the pros and cons of both methods.

Hacking Digital Rights Management

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Like it or not, DRM has become a fact of life in the 21st century. Ars Technica takes a look at some of the more noteworthy hacks of the past several years and what the future might hold as Blu-ray and HD DVD take hold.

Midyear Tech Predictions

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Lance Ulanoff from PC Magazine weighs in on what he thinks will happen with the tech world at the end of the year. His predictions include: Apple will outsell Gateway, Ballmer will leave Microsoft, Conroe will not inspire consumers, and AOL will lose six million users.

Is Intel killing PC gaming?

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I'm just heading back to London after a quick visit to the Develop in Brighton conference, where some of the gaming industry's biggest developers are banging their heads together. I was there to hear Mark Rein of Epic (they make games like Unreal Tournament) railing against Intel's dangerous influence over the PC market - and in the most extraordinary manner.

Apple: The Next Microsoft?

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Could it ever happen? Is there even a possibility that we will see OS X on the PC? To be honest, I believe there is. But unlike others who believe that it will happen on a large scale, what I foresee instead is OS X on a very select number of Apple approved PCs. And as great as this could potentially be, here comes the rub: If we do in fact see OS X on the PC platform, Steve Jobs would only allow it just for the press - nothing more.