Pixar Dumps Sun For Intel

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Wow, I never thought I'd ever post this: Sun Microsystems have been dumped for Intel by Pixar, the animation studio responsible for greats such as Toy Story and Monsters Inc. Read the full story here.

3DMark 03 Interview

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NordicHardware has had the chance to ask Futuremark a couple of questions about their upcoming benchmark 3DMark03. [NH]: There has been some complaints that the CPU, RAM and MOBO influenced the scores too much, is this any different in the 03 version?
[FM]: As we have focused even more heavily on the Shaders in 3DMark®03, the graphics card is more of a bottleneck than it was in 2000 and 2001. 3DMark®03 comes with a separate CPU test for more in-depth CPU benchmarking. Read all about it here: www.nordichardware.se

The BushBlair Witch Project

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Thanks to David G for sending this my way! .... :D

Episode One: What was really discussed at that meeting ;-)

Tony: 'I'm worried George' 'the people back home just aren't swallowing it' 'they won't believe us about Iraq'....

George: 'Just stay with it Tone' 'everything's gonna work out just fine'

3DMark03 Release Countdown

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The Futuremark website now how a countdown to the release of 3DMark03. The website also has a few minimum specs: Minimum Graphics Card Requirement:
DirectX®9.0 compatible graphics adapter that has 32MB of memory and is fully DirectX®7.0 compliant.

Minimum CPU Recommendation:
1000MHz x86 compatible processor (PCMark2002 CPU score of over 2500)

First R350 Picture Has Landed - Update

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Ok, as many people seem to think W2S is stupid enough to believe this is a true photograph and not a manipulated picture such as this guy we are not. Maybe you just can't read between the lines and decipher subtle humor. Anyway leave us alone as we do with your site. Degger*: At least someone beside Rancho noticed that this is a joke! For gods sake...

Related article

First R350 Picture Has Landed

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It was only a matter of time when first pictures of ATI's next graphics processor would find their way into 'the community'. I guess many of you will be surprised! Read More

Plus!DME Has Been Cracked

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Saw this on Neowin: "A group called 'Holics Project' have cracked Plus! Digital Media Edition's WPA (Windows Product Activation).
The "crack" works as long as you don't have DME installed and any previous Plus! packs installed. The crack itself consists of just a registry file which is run before "Activation"." I can imagine some programmer @ Microsoft saying Oops.

Warcraft 3...is blizzard spying on us?

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When Warcraft 3 was updated to 1.04c blizzard said that only few updates were included. Below are guests comments of this site, these do not necessarily reflect the opinion of warp2search.

Big thanks to you!

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This post is just a big thanks to our regular readers and especially a thanks for the regular submissions you have been making, of late there quality has been amazing and very prompt, this site is here because of you guys and we want you all to know we appriciate you. This site is fast becoming the one central source for information on hardware, software, gossip, tweaking and lots more. Thank you for keeping us up there. Any comments you guys have about the site are always well heard and if you want to say anything related to this post feel free to say it on this post. In addition remember we have a very fast growing set of forums, we'd love to see any of you who haven't already took a look to join us : here

SiS Xabre II In March?

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The SiS Xabre II, which will support AGP8x as well as DX9 features (Pixel and Vertex Shaders 2) and will feature 8 pixel pipelines, should be announced on the 12th of March. We have found on SiS' site a reference to this upcoming announcement.

Check out the details at: XabreGamers.

Net Copyright Getting Silly

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It seems like the RIAA and the MPAA are really out to get everyone at the moment, and day by day we hear more of their activity in trying to shutdown peer-to-peer network sharing. ZD-Net published a quite chilling article showing a law actually passed in 1997 in the US could see anyone going to jail for up too 3 years just for having software on their harddisk over the value of $2500.

Who Protects Us From The Protectors?

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The United States - On the brink of war, with many elements of it's country's defense in the hands of the All Knowing - Hyper Secure Department of Defense... or so we think. Just how stupid could they be: ?

S3 DeltaChrome To Outperform The Competition?

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As reported by TheInq: VIA's graphic arm, S3, launched the Delta Chrome chip, formerly codenamed Columbia, we have tried to dig out some new information about it, and now we have some. The chip will be clocked at 300MHz+ for the graphics processor and 300MHz+ for memory, and will use plain DDR. The second version of the card will work on 240MHz+ for the graphics engine and 300MHz+ for memory. Sounds a bit ridiculous for a $90 circuitry and 20.000 3DMarks. We'll see.

What Would You Like To See In 3DMark03?

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I was just over @ 3dchipset.com and I see Solomon has a new post up asking the question What would you like to see in 3DMark03 ? Well I would like to see them add some sort of speed read out of your card! What about YOU?

Solomon: As the subject implies. What would you like to see added in the newest incarnation of Futuremarks benchmark program. For me? I would like to see some sort of timing feature included in all results. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how long a system can seriously run the program before it locks up your computer.

New way of distributed systems.

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Most of us have taken a look at software like SETI@home and other similar distributed system programs (Genom project etc.) You contribute some of your computer time to analyze some bytes of code to find patterns (or not) which you send to a central database... Some users who spend a lot of their CPU time get rewarded and get a diploma(?) or a tshirt (wow).

Thieves steal processors worth $12 million AUD

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Thieves stole £4.6 million ($A12.86 million) worth of computer chips from an unattended truck near London's Heathrow Airport yesterday, police said. The shipment of Pentium 4 chips had been flown into Britain from Miami, Florida, and was en route to an unknown destination, London's Metropolitan Police said.
warp2... www.the age.com.aufor full story

Neue 3D Chat-Welt

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In dieser neuen Chat Community erstellt sich jedes Mitglied ein persoenliches Ebenbild, welches dann 3 dimensional mit anderen "Menschen" Kontakt aufnehmen kann.
Dabei ist eine sehr individuelle Gestaltung moeglich!
So kann man sich auf verschiedenen Plaetzen treffen, wie z.B Ferieninsel, Golfplatz oder Kaufhaus...

ATI Does Not Honor Their Claims?

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During the recent interview with ATI at Driverheaven the Vice President of Software made it clear that ATI does not currently intend to honor the claim of supporting Super Sampled FSAA as advertised here: http://mirror.ati.com/vortal/r300/educational/main.html
ATI Claim Mirror1
ATI Claim Mirror2 Since ATI says they will listen to the consumers a poll is made in the Rage3D forums. I suggest that anyone who wants this specific feature and those who'd like to see ATi honoring their claims in general read the thread and then cast their vote. Find the forum thread here: Rage3D Forum POLL:- Should ATI bring us Super Sampling as promised?

FireWire 2 - Hitting 800 Mbps?

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"SAN FRANCISCO - Apple may be planning to announce FireWire 2, or FireWire 800, a new high-speed 800-megabits-per-second FireWire standard, at the Macworld Conference & Expo opening here Tuesday.
The hint surfaced when hard-drive vendor SmartDisk - several hours after announcing its introduction of desktop drives that connect to Apple systems using the new 800-mbps FireWire standard - asked that the news be "killed due to premature release."
The aborted news suggests what Steve Jobs, chief executive officer of Apple, may be announcing in his keynote speech at Macworld Expo Tuesday." Do MAC users really need this speed? Why can't Steve Jobs think of speed = the CPU speed, compatibility, and stuff like that? Well I don't really care, cause I wouldn't use a MAC anyway. For the full read warp 2 ... www.pcworld.com.

PIR Has Issued A Call For Nominations To .ORG Advisory Council

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Read this on www.iccanwatch.org; The Public Interest Registry (PIR) has issued a call for nominations to .ORG Advisory Council. According to the notice, the PIR will create a .ORG Advisory Council to focus solely on .ORG issues, to be made up of leadership from the broad spectrum of the noncommercial world. These issues may range from policy to the introduction of new services, and the Council will serve as an ombudsman-type resource for management as it seeks to incorporate the broadest possible input for important decisions. Does this mean Verisign does'nt anymore own the .ORG domain names...
For full coverage warp2... www.iccanwatch.org.

Tech-Critic giveway winners announced

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Tech-Critic Recently held a great big Christmas Giveway with nice software titles and it was posted on Warp2Search. Some of you guys might have entered and the Winner List has been announced! You can check out if you won anything by Click
Click Here To see the winner's List! Congratulations to you that won! If you did'nt win well you still won something! Not a Software title but something else! To find out? Check it out!

TheInquirer Says Microsoft To Reveal Windows Source Code To India

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I am from India, so was very excited (for .200 secs) reading this babble on TheInquirer . 'MICROSOFT IS GETTING SO DESPERATE to convert the Indian sub-continent to Windows it is prepared to share the Windows source code with a select band of government bodies. A story in the Economic Times of India says the software monopolist has proposed to the Indian ministry of information technology to share the Windows source code with one unspecified government body. A Microsoft spokesman in India contacted by the publication confirmed the company was "evaluating the idea" of sharing the code but wouldn't be drawn further.' For a very interesting read warp 2 The Inquirer.com also warp over 2 The Economic Times Of India.com.

The Inquirer Says 'ATI's R350, RV350 Ala Radeon 9900 Pro Taped Out @ TSMC'

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If I like to read rumours, these are the ones I like to read: THE INQUIRER has received several tips recently regarding ATI's R350 and RV350. The first reiterates that ATI's R350 is being built on a 0.15 micron process. ATI's RV350 mainstream part is however being built on a 0.13 micron process. What is new is that both the R350 and the RV350 have already taped out with their production partner TSMC, which did not do quite as good a job with their friend Nvidia.

Wireless Electricity Becomes a Reality

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Just saw this article posted on PCMAG.COM. Here is a snip :-
" Imagine a world where all your portable devices can be charged and powered simply by placing them on a desktop. Chip manufacturer MobileWise has gone well beyond imagining such a world and this week unveiled "a conductive solution" that it believes can make it all possible. " For full read warp2... www.pcmag.com

The Power Of Email

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This article is written in english and german, the english users will find the article @ read more Eine Email setzte alles in Gang. Bundesbürger Christian Stein schrieb eine Email an seine privaten Kontaktadressen mit der Bitte um Weiterleitung und der Aufforderung an die Leser, dem deutschen Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder als Weihnachtsgeschenk im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes "das letzte Hemd" zu schicken.

Wörtlich heisst es in der Email: Hallo erstmal,

es ist bald wieder Weihnachten, und da wird es langsam Zeit, sich über die Geschenke für unsere Lieben Gedanken zu machen, zum Beispiel für unseren Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder. Was mag der sich besonders wünschen? überleg
...er will unser letztes Hemd, und das schicken wir ihm jetzt alle!!!"
gefolgt von der Adresse des Bundeskanzleramtes in Berlin. Read More

[H]ardOCP: Fault Lies In Human Error Not Intel Coercion

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Please be advised of the latest new article concerning [H]ardOCP over here.

"Honesty & Integrity:

If you think [H]ardOCP has been not been founded on honesty and integrity over the last five years, then you might as well stop reading now, as what I have to say will not pertain to you. We are an enthusiast site that existed before we were called "enthusiasts". We have watched the community grow and we have grown with it. Our readers are our peers and our number one concern, and never think any different.

HardOCP and faked P4 3.06GHz results

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I was just over @ our Affiliate site TweakTown.com! when I noticed this Post! HardOCP and faked P4 3.06GHz results

Shame, shame shame! You cheat on your wife; you?re going to get caught... You steal a car from a car dealer; you?re going to get caught... It?s just the same as if you publish invalid benchmarks in a formal review presented to thousands of potential (mislead) buyers; you?re going to get caught out one way or another by someone who is paying closer attention than you would have thought and hoped wouldn?t.

MIG 21: Classic Mach 2 Russian Jet Fighter For Sale

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MIG 21, The Mach 2 Russian fighter with spare engine, rocket pods, missile rails, spare parts, training, manuals, FAA licensed, tow bar, start cart. This was the high performance threat faced by NATO for 20 years and will outrun most F-16s. Fast climb is Mach 1.8.

MIKOYAN MIG 21 PF, 1965, S/N: 761811, N21PF, 660 TT, 150 SHSI, MIG 21 PF single seat fighter, Mach 2.1. Initial rate of climb 36,090 ft/min, serv. ceiling 69,000 ft., NATO designation "Fishbed". Single Seat, 660 TT, Eng 150 hrs, King Txp, Apollo GPS/Com, 110 gal drop tank, Hot eject seat, Start Cart, Spare Brakes/Tires.

That should sort it! Thanks to Winoscentral.com. Oh did I say Ebay?

Men Plan To Collect, Return AOL CDs

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Two California men rebelling against a sea of America Online promotional compact discs have got mail like never before.
People around the world have sent Jim McKenna and John Lieberman more than 80,000 CDs offering trial subscriptions to AOL's Internet services. They say when they collect a million, they'll go to the company's front door in Virginia to say, "You've got mail." Read More...

Getaway in stockholm III

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A classic two-seater with a midmounted engine, a fast boat and a helicopter - all three perform in this third documentary about a high speed pursuit through the night of Stockholm. A Honda NSX is in he hands of one of the world's most famous traffic violators. Onces again Mr X. challenges the swedish police department in this favourite movie for speed freaks when he sets a new record racing through Stockholm. A journey through the city at speeds so high that even the helicopter has a hard time catching up, he jumps into a fast boat, everything to escape the long arm of the law.

Philips Soundcard On The Way

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There's a new soundcard on the way from Philips. Should be made known soon. There was a page online that had some info, but has been removed. I managed to save the page in .MHT format. So if desired I could mail it.

The new soundcard from philips is coded the PSC708, so it is one step above the Acoustic Edge. The new cards name and picture have not been online yet.

The register goes Left&Right On Intels LaGrande scheme.

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You might think this hardware business is as clean as fountain-water, you get what you see not like that software smuk(wait i m also in that business); but wait everything might/or is about to change, and the grim thing is it might happen even without our knowledge. Thomas C greene of the The Register.com takes a look at intel's ....


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snip from www.drudgereport.com-"The new fuss film LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS has been leaked on to the Internet, it was claimed on Sunday -- more than 4 months before its release. In a stunning slap at Hollywood and its ongoing copyright battle with digital swappers, Internet users boldly began trading copies of the latest RINGS on Sunday. "

Beyond The Tera Byte!

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Did you know that names are already flying about for different sizes used to mensure computer memory beyond Tera Bytes? Oh yeah I just bought one of those new 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 byte hard drives last week and it's full already. Now all I need to do is find a way to back it all up.
Press Read More for further info... Thanks Derek Bain for this one one ;-)

Google Speaks Klingon!

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After normal languages like english, french, german, dutch and so on, it is now possible to see the Google Searching Interface in the Star Trek language Klingon.
LOL! Google support Hacker, Pig Latin, and Bork-Bork as well. So head over to the Google Preferences and switch your favourite language to Klingon.

New Year, New Wallpaper?

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It's a fresh start, so why don't get a fresh and cool looking wallpaper? I found a little site with some nifthy designs. Check it out, if you have some time:

Happy New Year...

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Now it´s time for me to go to a New Year Party.
We wish you all the best for the next year and we hope, that all your wishes comes true. ( Newer and more faster drivers for your Radeon or you nVidia card ;-)
Keep care of your fingers when you re allowed to make some fireworks in your country and remember: Don´t drink more than we would do!
To our guest from europe i would like to say:
Say good by to your old money, say hello to the EURO.
I hope that our politicians doing the right thing. Cya next year on this channel. Take care!
Your Warp2Search Team

Stomped.com Closes Its Doors!

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Saw it just over @ The Tech Report that the next great site is about to close its doors. It's hard to believe, but the home of a huge chunk of the "Quake community" since the very beginnings is closing up shop. According to this report at the Shack, Stomped.com is closing up for good. It's the same old story:
As the revenue dried up we had to cut costs which meant letting more people go. With you, Aurora and Redwood being let go, our readership pretty much dried up. It has reached the point where it really isn't worth while keeping the site active. We still have equipment we have to maintain and rack fees for our co-host. I kept the site up probably longer than I should have from a business standpoint, but its reached its limit. I am very sad to see all these websites dying.
I wish the complete team from Stomped luck for the future. You were one of my favourite site!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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The whole Warp2Search Team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Take care of you and remember:
Don´t drink more than we would do! Stay tuned
Your Warp Team

Cute Chick for auction (250 000+ pounds)

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Mr Magoo over @ MaxReboot found this nice link. If you like to bid for this girl or you want to take a look first, click here Oh, btw, how much you want to bid for our very own Rancho*? Write a comment and make a offer ;-))

#warp2search Hits Gamesnet IRC!

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Thats right we got ourselfs an IRC channel! Grab a copy of MIRC, configure your server to gamesnet (east.gamesnet.net or west.gamesnet.net are good.) And join us in #warp2search, you'll find us there with the latest news and gossip and of course you'll be able to interact with everyone who reads the site! if you have Mirc installed already you can click this link to join us : Join #warp2search @irc://irc.mikemth.de/warp2search Well what are you waiting for!