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free RTS Spring 0.73b1 released

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Are You Total Annihilation fans? RTS player looking for chalenge?

Spring is there for You

OpenSource (read free) RTS game engine (mainly for Total Annihilation mod)

gives full 3D (absolute camera freedom) ... DUAL MONITOR support ... based on OpenGL which allows existence of linux port ...

supports original TA unit format ... up to 32 players (with 16 unique commanders) ... multiple AIs supported ... improved interface, scripting and game features...

+ lot of TA mods were re-released to support Spring (Absolute Annihilation, eXtendedTA, OriginalTA, UberHack, FinalFrontier, WorldDomination, StarWarsTA ...)

to get TAS running original TA files aren't needed (even just for sure it's better You got laying TA original in cabinet ...

Notice we dropped the 'TA', because we like to move away from TA copyrighted material.

You still need to own TA for the listed downloads, but a completely free GPL version will be released later.


more info:

download from:

download full installer and join the fun...

HUGE change log:


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