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The "BumbleBee" A Superior Adult Toy !

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Since a forum for Tech-Electronics this will certainly gain some new attention !

The ONLY Semi(Full upon mod board.)-Automatic Air Gun made in Russia and one of the best and most looked for air guns is the Baikal line, Quality is what they seem to go for and price !

It was nicknamed the "Drozd" by the Russian's because USA will only allow it with the Yellow theme. Thus USA Nicknaming it the "BumbleBee!".

I just got me one and, OHH ! My gosh it should be banned ! (ok i'll shutup.)

Specs. say 360fps., I say nope 450+, Also with its superior rifled barrel I't should only Fire Lead .177 balls. (Gamo Roundballs .177, Beemen Perfect Rounds .177)

A Superior/Quality ADULT Toy !!

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