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Samurize 1.41 released

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just found this on


* fixed memory leak with image ratio option

* fixed peaking bug

* fixed rare selection bug in config editor

* fixed analog line width bug

* fixed image path bug for Image graphic object


* updated AMPI plugins (kudos to Tropics)

* file path displayed in config editor title

* option to disable green/red config outline (and the warning)

* next/prev keys changed to pgdn/pgup to allow field tabbing

* scrolling in the Tools and Settings area reduced by introducing more tabs

* more uptime options

* new sample config (cheers Em7)

* password encryption for POP3 password in config files

* latest 4 config files opened appear in the file menu

New Features:

* vastly improved plugin interface

* base width for analog meter

Source and Download : Link

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