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Creative go after modder

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WOW this site is slow - the net has been buzzing with this story!!!

Since the release of Windows Vista, Creative has lied about their Sound Cards being 'Vista Ready'. Users found their cards feature crippled. Creative insisted that features such as Decoding of Dolby Digital, DTS signals and DVD-Audio which worked fine in WinXP, would not work on Windows Vista. With Creative releasing less than one new driver a year, things seemed bleak. Fortunately, a talented user, Daniel_K, was recently able to fix many of the drivers, enabling the incompatible features and also fixing many bugs. Feeling a little embarrassed that they had been caught out Creative decided to put a stop to this. They removed all links to his modified drivers, and banned several users who were posting links to the now banned drivers.

Then came the backlash; the story is sweeping the internet with many thousands of poeople posting messages of support for Danial_K and vowing never to buy another Creative product.

Creative have yet to respond.

Original Thread on Creatives forums:

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