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my bitcomet won't download.

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I have about half of my download complete.

it's a rather large file.

it's like... 5.46 GB

and I have 53.2 percent of it dl'd.

but It has stopped downloading..

and it is only uploading now. at about 10-11 KBs a second.

this is really upsetting me, because I want to download this for my friend.. who doesn't have a good internet connection.


my connection speed is only a dsl one.. it's like.. almost a Mbps fast.

my normal DL speed is about 50-75 KBS a second.

I don't know why this won't donwload. and it's really FRUSTRATING ME >.>

oh.. and I am not running ANYTHING while it downloads.


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there are 3 reasons for this

1. the file is not completely available

(check if the availability bar is completely blue or the the avail. rating is at lest 1 or 100%)

2. the tracker is down and you don't get any sources to download from

(you need to get another source)

3. you recently updated windows which includes a new tcpip.sys

which resets your max. half open connections to 10 and could plug up your connection

(check )

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