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  1. shortcycle added a post in a topic: lost my marbles... and a driver or 2   

    Thanks for the quick reply Mertsch,

    i borrowed my neighbors PS/2 mouse and keyboard but they dont work on the login screen during safemode either. i also turned on my usb keyboard support but it didnt do anything for me either.

    but i believe you where right that i deleted my motherboard drivers. is thier anyway for me to put em back in? i currently have an Asus
    A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard.
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  2. shortcycle added a post in a topic: lost my marbles... and a driver or 2   

    my computer was having an issue with huge amounts of memory usage being used on minor or even background programs. i looked around online and asked a few computer literate friends what was wrong. pretty much everyone said that it was the firewall on my video card and to just remove it since i have a decent anti-virus and my mother board and router firewalls besides. so i went into my add or remove programs and went into my nvidia driver setup removed something i wasnt supposed to... and now if i let my computer boot up it gets to the black screen just after loading windows and before the login screen and thats it. then if i go to safe mode from boot up i can get to the login screen but i cant use my mouse or keyboard. i use a usb mouse and keyboard. so i got ran through the fun plug it in, unplug it, plug it in thing. ive use the generic mouse and keyboard plug in ports since i heard usb doesnt work in safe mode but that got me no where. and i know my hard drive isnt fried since i can still plug it into other computers.
    any suggestions would make me happy even if they dont help. at least i have something to do and it makes me feel like im going somewhere :D
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