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  1. AJCrowley added a post in a topic: Please stop linking to other aggregators   

    I've noticed this happening on a lot of your articles lately...

    You post a brief excerpt with a link - to another aggregator which has a brief excerpt with a link to the actual article.

    Why not just make life better for your users by linking to the actual article, instead of making us have to go through a bunch of utterly worthless tabs and sites, just to get to the story?
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  2. AJCrowley added a post in a topic: WinXP x64 RC2 Released !   

    I apologize if this is a stupid question (there are no stupid questions, only stupid people), but if this is essentially a non-server version of 2003, does it have support for 32bit cpus as well, or is it 64bit only?
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  3. AJCrowley added a post in a topic: New card.   

    After owning two ATI cards, the Rage Fury, and more recently, the 8500 Pro, I swore that I would never buy an ATI card again. I don't know how good the catalyst drivers are, but I do know that all drivers prior to that were terrible, and most games required endless tweaking just to get to run. Also, when I "upgraded" from a GeForce256 to the 8500 Pro, many games seemed to run a lot slower, Counter-Strike being perfect on the 256, and a chore to play on the 8500. Maybe ATI have changed, maybe the catalysts are good drivers that actually work in most gaes, never is a strong word, and I must admit to being curious to trying out the 9800 Pro. That said, based on my experience, I wouldn't buy anything from ATI other than the 9800 Pro, and if that was out of my price range, I'd just buy the best Nvidia card that I could afford - I've never had anything but good experiences with all of the Nvidia hardware I've owned.
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  4. AJCrowley added a post in a topic: Patched .INF file for 44.61 Detonator   

    No luck here on a ti4600 on XP, it just breezes through the install without prompting to install the unsigned drivers, exactly as it did before the inf file. I was able to get the 44.10s working with some very simple inf editing, but doing the same thing (only adding the model support) to this inf file doesn't work.
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  5. AJCrowley added a post in a topic: War On Iraq - Personal Statement   

    Such a news item was bound to ellicit a massive response. I agree with the owners of this site whole heartedly. Our own governments are plainly guilty of trying to deceive us in order to garner support for this war. The double standards shown by our countries in this aspect is intolerable, and the ease with which so many of you buy into such obvious deception, just because it is from your own government is nothing short of tragic.

    I am a patriot, I love my country. This is why I will continue to stand against this travesty of justice, even though people who are either too stupid to see the truth or too cowardly to stand for what they believe in tell us that "the war has started, we should all pull together now". I hope that this passes quickly, and as painlessly as possible. I also hope that the US doesn't once again leave those Iraqis who tried to help them alone in the desert, with the full knowledge that they would be killed by Hussein (this is the instance of Hussein gassing his own people that American hawks keep harping about, the US knew what was happening, and left them there to die, and is therefore just as guilty as Hussein in this aspect). I know that this will go down in the history books as a great mistake and tragedy.
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  6. AJCrowley added a post in a topic: Does Warp2Search Offer an RSS News Feed?   

    Well, I just answered my own question. The Klipfolio klip for this site is actually based on RSS, so the URL is www.warp2search.net/backend.php.

    The good news in this is that you can get RSS feeds for Trillian from Klipfolio, just look at the Klip XML, and put the contentsource URL into trillian.
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  7. AJCrowley added a post in a topic: Does Warp2Search Offer an RSS News Feed?   

    Just wondering, since I'd love to have it in my Trillian Pro news thingy.

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  8. AJCrowley added a post in a topic: cant login to website but can in the forums   

    Oops, I should have read this before posting a new thread - I am having exactly the same trouble, and I want to leave a comment on the new.net domains, the people need to be warned

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  9. AJCrowley added a post in a topic: Logging into main site   


    I've registered in both the forums and on the main site. But when I try to log into the main site, it shows my info, saying I'm offline, and continues to browse as "Anonymous". Any help appreciated.

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