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  1. bpsback added a post in a topic: Best graphics card of all time?   

    My choice would have to be 1 that i never owned ...which was light years ahead of its time .. voodoo 6000 with 4 gpu's and its own power supply ...
    now look at 2days top cards ...power demanding , sli , crossfire , quad sli ..............

    but voodoo was there 1st then it was ati ...with sli long b4 nvidea eg rage fury ( think thats what it was called )
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  2. bpsback added a post in a topic: First 3.2 megapixel camera phone   

    the uk has had this for sometime ...its just the others are starting to catch up ....1st was the sharp 903 ( plus is has optical zoom ....)....most of the nokia N series is 3.2 and now sonyericsson k800 is 3.2
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