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  1. UZ7 added a post in a topic: Intellimouse being rubbish   

    Tried getting the latest IntelliPoint Software?
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  2. UZ7 added a post in a topic: Whats your first computer.   

    Pentium I 133mhz
    16mb ram upgraded to 24
    4x cdrom
    1.2g HD
    28.8k modem

    last upgrade on rig was
    Pentium I MMX 233mhz
    24 -> 32mb ram
    28.8k -> 56k modem
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  3. UZ7 added a post in a topic: 9800SE or 9600pro   

    9800 is faster in terms of gpu/ram speeds and it has twice the pixel, vertex, pixel shader pipelines, what makes the 9600pro unique is it is using 0.13 microns which really dont matter for this card sicne the pipelines are cut in half (the main performance comes from)

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  4. UZ7 added a post in a topic: Overclock AMD 2600+ Barton went NUT!!   

    AMD 2600+ = 333fsb (166)
    you use PC2700 = 333mhz
    *= which would be stable

    AMD 2600+ @ 360fsb (180)
    you use PC2700 = 333mhz
    *= would be unstable

    2600+ @ 400fsb (200)
    if you use PC3200 = 400mhz
    *= would be stable

    When you run it at 180fsb (360) then you are ocing by 27 usually that will cause some instablity, now the only way you can oc and still be stable is if you either buy PC3200 ram (400mhz) or you oc your ram which if it is high quality than it can workout, also bartons tend to not be as hot as other processors so ocing the processor shouldnt be the problem, but if you tend to oc the ram then that might need better cooling.

    If you get PC3200 (400) ram there shouldnt be any change in voltages and all you would have to do is up the fsb to 200x11 = (2.2ghz (3200+)) with little or no changes in temperature.

    *note changing voltages can cause unstablity and changes in temperature, do at your own risk*
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  5. UZ7 added a post in a topic: ati 7500 and deus ex 2   

    **GRAPHICS: 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible 32 MB**
    for (DX 8.1 card) ATI 8500 are the ones with Pixel Shading (1.4)
    for (DX 9 cards) ATI 9500-9800Pro/XT are the ones with Pixel Shading (2.0)
    for (DX 8 card) nVidia GeForce 3 are the ones with Pixel Shading (1.1)
    for (DX 9 cards) nVidia GFFX 5200-5950 are the ones with Pixel Shading (2.0)

    Now the 7500 is a 32mb card and it is also a DX 7 card, but it does not have Pixel Shader Pipelines meaning it will have a 0.x version or none at all, now it is a must to have a decent-good card to play this game, even if you exceed the system requirements the game can may still be sluggish considering on how poor the engine was made. Thought the game is good, it is sort of a disappointed compared to the old Deus Ex 1 in terms of computer compatibility.
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  6. UZ7 added a post in a topic: a string of bad luck :(   

    my bro's ibm deskstar died on him after bout a year or so, i on the other had have the WD1200JB (120g w/ 8mb cache) have it for about 2.5 years now on for 23.998/7 and it still running solid 8)
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  7. UZ7 added a post in a topic: new graphics card problem   

    find a friend or someone that you know that could test the card out for ya before you RMA it, who knows it might just be incompatibility
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  8. UZ7 added a post in a topic: AMD 2500+ Barton with Chaintech 7NJS   

    for HS i recommend any of the SLK's i have a 2500+ barton and an SLK800, im using a YSTech fan with low db (dont really like the high humming) and decent cfm, not ocing i get 35c, now if i used a higher db/higher cfm fan i would get lower temps
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  9. UZ7 added a post in a topic: P4 System Suggestions???   

    Abit, Iwill, Intel, Asus to name a few, i especially like Abit IC7 though
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  10. UZ7 added a post in a topic: Please Read: Streaming AD When you enter the site   

    get a paypal donation link going or something :P
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  11. UZ7 added a post in a topic: Nero Overburning problem   

    if you are having Nero overburning problems even if you have 690mb and trying to burn on a 700mb cd but wont work, its a bug with the latest version, many people converted back to 5.5 or, but there seems to be a new patch that has been released though its not on nero's ftp yet

    for the nero overburn patch click: here

    i know it works cause i had the problem recently also and patched it up , didnt know everyone was having this problem thought i was the only one, wouldve posted this sooner (last week) if i checked this part of the forums
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  12. UZ7 added a post in a topic: I might buy a Ati card what would u recommend?   

    doing an ATI onetime upgrade i would go and buy the 9800pro and you will be insured for future current/games and such, unless you are waiting for the XT, which "supposively" will come out whenever Half-Life 2 comes out which will have 425/700 clock or something like it, and will not likely comeout till around nov-holidays

    as for the drivers, if you want to play with a lot of drivers, i mean a lot (lotta nvidia drivers always being leaked) then go for nvidia, nvidia's drivers are always being leaked and there are a lot of them which all have difference in performance/IQ (you should know by having a ti4600 ), ati has less driver releases but when they do release one, they have quality drivers as in they listen to the consumer and their problems, now the ati drivers slightly improve the card but more overall every release is toward stability/compatibility for games etc..., unlike nvidia which uses their drivers to sqeeze every power out of their cards, ati i say already has the power and the only problem they have is compatibility with games which every driver released is based off
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  13. UZ7 added a post in a topic: 9700pro OR 9600pro   

    9700pro hands down, unless the 9700pro has a defect or something?
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  14. UZ7 added a post in a topic: 9800SE or 9600pro   

    the new omega did include powercolor/club 3d 9800se but not sure if it will work... anyway the 9700pro is almost like a 9800pro, lets just say the 9800 is a perfected version of the 9700, the 9700 is a great card, the only difference is probably faster clock and slightly higher memory bandwidth

    9700pro vs 9800se go for the 9700pro, yeah you may be able to softmod the 9800se, but dont rely on that too much or better yet dont buy hardware based on that because if it doesnt work you will be stuck with a card slower than a card you couldve have gotten

    also if you save up a little more you can get a better card, i myself is saving up for a 9800pro and just need a little more cash to get there, then i can be insured for hl2 and all my current games on full blast :D
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  15. UZ7 added a post in a topic: 6 Detonator Driver Comparison   

    they have a little english button on the top, which eventually goes through an online translator :D
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