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  1. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: Euro 2004   

    I really hope that The Netherlands Win Against Germany

    It's Just Like SUPR3M3 Vs Degger

    I'm from The Netherlands And He is from Germany!! :lol:
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  2. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: New ATI Control Center Picture (Reloaded)   

    That is looking Good!! But Which Review Was it?

    Maybe this is the mayor update what Terry Makedon was talking about!
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  3. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: A Problem And A Question!   

    Well maybe 3DMark2k1 does.. it choses it's own default settings.. not Hz
    So it must be the "known" 60Hz bug

    And it can be removed by those refreshtools! (I Think..)
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  4. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: A Problem And A Question!   

    Thanks already for the information!

    But i don't use any refreshrate tool or something like that!

    And you are right the Radeon 9800 Pro works great!!
    I'm glad i bought the card!

    I was just thinking about my problem..
    I play games like NFS: Underground, UT2004 Demo @ 1024x768
    And i don't have that problem with those games!

    I only have the problem with MoHAA and with 3DMark2001 SE For Now

    So it could be a problem with the game & program??

    EDIT: I was searching for some refresh tools i found 2:
    Maybe these could help my problem?
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  5. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: A Problem And A Question!   

    Yep i installed the monitor driver (I got a IIYAMA LM704UT A)
    I don't think it has something to do with it.. (Maybe a Refreshratefix or something?)

    Atuner.. is that the best tool?
    what about ATI tool, Rage3D Tweaker or something like that?
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  6. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: Windows Media Player XP 9.0 build 3124 - W2S exclusive   

    Don't I Get Any Problem in WinXP By Installing this?
    (bug problems i mean..)
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  7. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: A Problem And A Question!   

    First Of All.. I'm Finally Back @ W2S !
    I was kinda busy the last few months so i didn't post much at the Mainpage.. But Now that's gonna change

    A few days ago i went from a Nvidia GeForce 3 to a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro !!
    And the Card really rocks!!
    All my games are much smoother and looking much better!

    I only have a problem.. Some of those games (like MoHAA) i can't play good @ 1024x768
    If i do, my CRT goes kinda BOLD (don't know the right word for it) it looks really weird! (like a telescope)

    I have that same problem if i got 1024x768 @ 60Hz on WindowsXP, but i work with 1024x768 @ 75Hz
    So i think that MoHAA is working on 60Hz!

    I Never had this problem before, so i don't know if there is a fix, tool or something like that for it!

    And i have a question!
    What is The Best ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Tool/Tweaker??

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  8. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: The Best Download Manager...?   

    Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

    I use it a few years now.. and it works great!!
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  9. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: Best graphics card of all time?   

    This is a fun topic

    My First 3D Videocard was a S3 Trio3D it supported only DirectX (but very bad.. it kinda sucked!!) then i got a Intel 740 AGP (My First AGP videocard) but many games didn't play very well with that card.
    3Dfx came with Voodoo 1.. damn.. that card ROCKED!! played ever 3Dfx compatible (Glide) game very smoothly.

    3Dfx Voodoo 2 came out with SLI! and i thought i must try that out.. so i bought 2 Voodoo 2's and it worked great! much better then Voodoo 1.

    Then Nvidia created RIVA TNT 2 Ultra and the reviews of the card were great! much faster and runs much smoother. So i bought that card and replaced it with my 2x 3Dfx Voodoo 2. But i missed the 3Dfx compatibility (Glide). And the TNT2 was not always stable, the games "Freezed" allot and the drivers support was not good.

    3Dfx came with the Voodoo 3 series but around the same time Nvidia created there first GPU, the Nvidia GeForce 256.
    I bought the 3Dfx Voodoo 3 3500TV it was one of the best cards i ever had! it could do anything!! (with TV stuff i mean..) it was more stable then the Riva TNT 2 Ultra and i had my 3Dfx compatibility (Glide) back.

    I Just had my Voodoo 3 3500TV and my Dad came back from Taiwan (for his work) and he gave me an Nvidia GeForce 256. I was VERY HAPPY!! the world's fastest VideoCard (at the time) in my hands. So i installed the card and tested the games.. but i was very disappointed.. almost all my games didn't work anymore.. many didn't support the card ot "Freezed" all the time. The drivers where very bad. So i switched back to my Voodoo 3 3500TV.

    A few weeks later i heard Nvidia had released new drivers.. Detonators 6.50 (And i thought.. shall i try it again?) because the newer games needed a fast VideoCard and the GeForce 256 was the fastest at the moment! So i installed the videocard and installed the new drivers, and now most games DID WORK much faster and smoother before.

    3Dfx annouced Voodoo 4 series and Voodoo 5 series at the same time! But also Nvidia GeForce 2 Series where released. And i really wanted that Voodoo 5 6000 card, it looked so much promising! but they did something wrong.. they wanted to sell the card by.. themselfs. (No money from other manufactures anymore) And so 3Dfx got almost broke and lost the battle against Nvidia. Nvidia bought there Rival 3Dfx and said that 3Dfx compatibility will be in the next GeForce series.

    Time passed by.. and no more 3Dfx compatibility (Glide) games where developed.

    GeForce 3 was released by Nvidia and had no 3Dfx compatibility but it was much faster then the GeForce 2 Series. The drivers support was much improved. And the reviews were perfect. My Dad came bad from USA (for his work) and he had suprise for me.. A Nvidia GeForce 3. i could not believe my eye's. So i replaced my Old GeForce 256 for the GeForce 3. It was really the best card i ever had, the games worked perfect, and all my friends hated me that i got a GeForce 3

    I still have my "Old" Nvidia GeForce 3.. that was the best card i ever had. I had never troubles with the card or the drivers. But someday my Old GeForce 3 is gonna be replaced by the latest ATI Radeon.. because in all "my videocard years" i never had a ATI Card...

    The End.

    (PS. Damn.. this i a BIG story..)
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  10. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: WinDVD or PowerDVD?? (UPDATED!!)   

    I have tested PowerDVD and WinDVD allot..

    And here is my conclusion.

    PowerDVD is good player.. good sound and the movie look really great!

    And WinDVD is a good player too! Good Sound and the movie look much smoother then PowerDVD. And with the latest WinDVD Platinum 5.1 B05.005 version they really updated the player.

    There is only one thing. I have an SoundBlaster Audigy 2 with Creative Inspire 6.1 6700 Speakerset. And with WinDVD i hear every speaker give full sound! With PowerDVD i don't hear sound from one of by rear box.

    Maybe PowerDVD is working on this.. but WinDVD already has it.

    So i suggest that al the people who use PowerDVD.. try the latest version of WinDVD!! and then think again which DVDPlayer you like best!!
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  11. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: AMD XP 2000+ Running Speed!   

    i got a AMD Athlon XP 2000+ myself.. and it runs 1666Mhz.. but i think you got running 100FSB running instead of 133FSB in your BIOS

    Check it out and see ;)
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  12. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: Which XivD Codec You Like Best!!   

    I kinda like these polls, they let us know what users really use and why

    So my next poll is.. Which XivD Codec do YOU use! and why?

    I personly like uManiac's XviD. The movies look very nice and they don't show those green blobs in the screen.

    And there is ofcourse ffdshow.
    ffdshow is DirectShow decoding filter for decompressing DIVX and XVID movies using libavcodec or xvid with rich set of video postprocessing filters. ffdshow can also be used as a separate postprocessing filter for other decoders.

    Here are the site's to check them out.. (If you never heard them before..)
    uManiac's Site Latest Development: 17.7.2003 11:00
    Koepi's Site Latest Development: 24062003-1
    Nic's Site Latest Development: 16.07.2003
    ffdshow Latest Development: 23-05-2003
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  13. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: WinDVD or PowerDVD?? (UPDATED!!)   

    I want to know which DVD player YOU think it is the Best!!
    Why it's the Best, Better Sound?, Better Support? etc.

    Updated: Look at My Latest post downbelow!!
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  14. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: I'm Leaving This Place..   

    hehe i got them yesterday :D
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  15. SUPR3M3 added a post in a topic: I'm Leaving This Place..   

    FOR ONLY 17 Days!!! hehehe (Hope i didn't scared you Niels and Peter :wink:)

    Friday the 11th @ 09:40 i'm going with 7 friends of mine to Salou!! (that's in Spain) on Vacation!!
    So i won't be posting in those 17 Days.. i'm just gonna relax.. enjoy the sun, land, party's, sea and ofcourse the WOMEN!!

    I think there will be allot of good news in those 17 Days.. Like New Winamp 2, Official Detonaters, MSN 6.0 Final, Windows XP SP2.. stuff like that..

    I hope you are missing me.. (i guess not.. ) See You Guys Again About 17 Days!!

    Danny "SUPR3M3" de Bruijn
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