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    Like everything (including the Abit MB because I'm partial to their BIOS and their is a larger community of help in the forums if you need it).

    With what your using money doesn't seem to be much of a concern so my only suggestion would be a Plextor or TDK CDRW instead of the LG unit. I do repair/upgrade work on the side and CD ROM drives are by far THE most common item I have replaced due to failure. Do yourself a favor and don't skimp here. Plus, being a relatively fast improving technolgy, you should also consider the increased resale value of the Plextor/TDK vs. an LG drive.

    Also, VIP here, consider what software is included in your package (some OEM's include NONE).....I like Nero software vs Adaptec....so that is another point to consider as you shop. (although neither can match CloneCD for backups:))

    Otherwise, kudos on your choices....... You should have yourself a killer box!

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