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  1. Sleeky added a post in a topic report: Athlon64 Overclocking HOWTO by mertsch   

    Awesome guide. Thanks for sharing. Would be setting up my own rig soon. Don't know if it's still profitable.
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  2. edwins123 added a post in a topic can not reboot : PCI: Unable to handle 64-bit address space for   

    Unable To Handle sixty four Bit Address is usually caused by incorrectly organized system settings or irregular entries within the Windows written account. This error may be fastened with special code that repairs the written account and tunes up system settings to revive stability
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  3. aayushirana added a post in a topic AGP compliant?   

    you have to upgrade Your PC. You need to change your motherboard and RAM as well.If you just Upgrade it Then you found Speed issue with your PC. corbett-national-park-resorts-hotel-packages.html corbett-national-park.html candolim-goa-reviews.html dham-temple-neem-karoli-baba-ashram.html
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  4. contomlon added a post in a topic Need a new Case now....but which?   

    Opticaly I would go for the first, the Thermaltake - it looks rock solid, is prepared for BTX.... looks awesome.
    But if you read the text for the third case [bis zu 18 Laufwerke kann dieses Monstrum fassen!!! Das ideale Gehäuse für User mit einem Hang zum Übertreiben oder als perfekte Herberge für ein Server-System!] Up to 18 drives can be put in this monster. The perfect case for users who want to show off or who are going to setup a server-system... It might be a hard decision...
    No, take the first one. That is an awesome case!
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  5. contomlon added a post in a topic Gigabyte nForce3 Mobo's - Which One?   

    I'll let you know of my decision shortly 
    Thank for the help! :beer: :beer:
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  6. jassonknap added a post in a topic Xbox 360 Team Match   

    At my work  imp source  all my colleagues for COD3  We love this team very much and we have a lot of interest in them. We always follow the names.
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  7. Kuroomi added a topic in General Gamers Place   

    Perfect games for Halloween
    It's a little bit late, but I hope you will enjoy this list of Horror games.

    Here is a list of best games to play during a Halloween! Personally i can recommend Outlast, developed by red barrels

    Resident Evil 7
    Outlast 2
    Little nightmares
    Silent Hill 2
    Slender: The Eight Pages
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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  8. Kuroomi added a post in a topic Do you want to be a car designer?   

    That competition was posted a looong time ago... but I wonder who won.
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  9. contomlon added a post in a topic Gigabyte nForce3 Mobo's - Which One?   

    "the Dual Power System delivers a total of 6-phase power circuit to provide more solid and durable power supply for the new generation AMD platform. Ensuring a more secure and stable platform than ever before."
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  10. contomlon added a post in a topic report: Athlon64 Overclocking HOWTO by mertsch   

    ​ I did try to put my HTT multi from 4 to 3 in order NOT to overclock it and started Memtest+ without any problem ... I raised FSB to 270 and lowered CPU to x8 instead of x9 and PC startet ... raised Fsb to 288 which results in 2304 MHz CPU which was working before, too
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  11. contomlon added a post in a topic Asus Black Pearl Mother Board   

    IE one doesn't have to charge it or connect a supply to it other than add the cooling fans.
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  12. HermanSmith added a post in a topic morrowin suxs   

    Oh! I remember this game from my childhood)) That was like a mania. And now  Highly recommended Internet page   is more interesting for children (
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  13. LionelHen added a post in a topic morrowin suxs   

    PC RPGs suck? What have you guys been smoking in the 2000s?
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  14. contomlon added a post in a topic AGP compliant?   

    Thanks for providing us this great knowledge, i think i need this. Keep it up.

    madalin stunt cars 2

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  15. gabithompson730 added a post in a topic Do you want to be a car designer?   

    yes, want a lot, to create awesome one 
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  16. asifsidiq added a topic in General Graphics Card Talk   

    What are the Points to follow for writing effective essay

    Creating an article as often as possible is from every angle a dreaded task among understudies. Notwithstanding whether the paper is for a give, a class, or perhaps a test, various understudies frequently find the task overwhelming. While a piece is an immense wander, there are many steps an understudy can bring that will help isolate the task into sensible parts. Following this methodology is the most easy way to deal with draft a compelling paper, whatever its inspiration might be.
    1. Set a point.
    You may have your topic dispensed, or you may be sans offered manage to form in regards to your favored issue. In case you are given the point, you ought to consider the sort of paper that you have to make. Would it be fitting for it to be a general diagram of the subject or a specific examination? Cutoff your focus if fundamental.In case you have not been doled out a subject, you have fairly more work to do. In any case, this open entryway in like manner gives you the ideal position to pick a subject that is entrancing or critical to you. At first, portray your inspiration. Is your article to light up or impact?
    2. Set up a format or outline of your considerations.
    Remembering the ultimate objective to form a productive article, you should deal with your examinations.I always use this service - . By taking what's starting at now in your psyche and putting it to paper, you can see affiliations and associations between considerations more unmistakably. This structure fills in as a foundation for your paper. Use either a system or a layout to write down your contemplations and orchestrate them.
    To make an outline, form your subject in the midst of your page. Draw in three to five lines separating from this subject and record your rule contemplations at the terminations of these lines. Draw more lines off these central musings and consolidate any contemplations you may have on these considerations.
    3. Make your hypothesis declaration.
    Since you have picked a point and masterminded your considerations into material classes, you should make a hypothesis clarification. Your proposition explanation tells the peruser the motivation behind your composition. Look at your design or graph. What are the essential musings?
    Your recommendation verbalization will have two areas. The underlying section communicates the subject, and the second part communicates the reason for the article. For instance, in case you were elucidating Bill Clinton and his impact on the Gathered States, a fitting hypothesis clarification would be, "Bill Clinton has influenced the destiny of our country through his two consecutive terms as Joined States President."
    4. Create the body.
    The body of your paper battles, clears up or depicts your subject. Each rule believed that you wrote in your chart or design will transform into an alternate region inside the body of your article.
    Each body area will have a comparative fundamental structure. Begin by staying in contact with one of your standard musings as the underlying sentence. Next, make each out of your supporting musings in sentence configuration, however leave three or four lines amidst each point to return and give quick and dirty cases to move down your position. Fill in these spaces with relative information that will help associate more diminutive musings together.
    5. Form the introduction.
    Since you have developed your hypothesis and the general body of your article, you ought to make an introduction. The introduction should attract the peruser's thought and exhibit the grouping of your work.
    6. Create the conclusion.
    The conclusion brings finish of the point and wholes up your general contemplations while giving a keep going perspective regarding your matter. Your choice should contain three to five in number sentences. Simply review your principal centers and give support of your proposition.
    7. Incorporate the finishing touches .
    In the wake of creating your choice, you may trust that you have completed your paper. Misguided. Before you take a gander at this as a finished work, you should concentrate on all the little inconspicuous components.

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  17. Dustin DeTorres added a topic in Submit News   

    Is NBN Internet Connection Faster than Cable in Australia?
    With the National Broadband Network (NBN) still being rolled out, it’s fair to say that while some Australians are in the know, there are still a lot who aren’t. To help you get a better understanding of NBN, its benefits and the differences between it and existing cable networks, we’ve got the essential details for you. Read the full article .
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  18. abele2017 added a post in a topic AGP compliant?   

    there is pretty much no chance you can upgrade your PC.
    spanish to english
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  19. abele2017 added a topic in General Software   

    JSON formatter?
    Im looking for a JSON formatter tool. Can you give me any suggestion for JSON formatter free online. I'm checking this JSON formatter:
    Have anyone ever tried it?
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  20. abele2017 added a topic in General Gamers Place   

    Bullet Force
    Just found a site to play bullet force multiplayer games online and want to share with you guys:
    Play bullet force:
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  21. abele2017 added a post in a topic morrowin suxs   

    agree! Pc rpgs suck
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  22. abele2017 added a post in a topic [FREE GAME] Tetris classic for android   

    Sounds interesting. Gotta try!
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  23. Dustin DeTorres added a topic in Submit News   

    What to do with water damaged phone?
    An Amzing guide about what to do with a water damaged phone. take a look-
    Looking forward to your feedback.
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  24. Dustin DeTorres added a topic in General Software   

    Is it safe to use free data recovery tools?
    I know many free data recovery software. But I don't think using free tools is safe. What do you think guys?
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  25. Dustin DeTorres added a post in a topic Photo recovery software?   

    I work for CBL data recovery tech. You can get in touch with us.
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